Changing your mindset does wonders

I don’t know about you, but listening to Ted Talks can be inspiring. It involves a speaker sharing their experiences and insights on a particular topic. Although these videos vary in topics, I’m sure there’s one just for you.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, fire up your laptop and try watching a Ted Talk video. You would be amazed at how your mindset changes for the better; possibly even boosting your productivity to help you get things done.

Not sure where to start? Here are three Ted Talks to keep you motivated.

How to build your confidence by Brittany Packnett

In Brittany’s powerful and motivational speech, she describes confidence as a spark. A spark that we need to transform our dreams into reality.

Let’s think about that. You’re given a group assignment, but the section you’re working on is a bit more complicated than expected. It makes you second guess whether you’re taking the right approach.

But with confidence, “it helps us to keep going even when we fail.” But how can we build confidence? Well, it’s dependent on three things:

  • permission
  • curiosity
  • community

If you’re interested in learning more, head over to Youtube to watch this full Ted Talk.

A guide to believing in yourself by Catherine Reitman

Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

You might be thinking of working in a new industry. Maybe you want to start a business or create content. Whatever it may be, don’t hesitate. Just start. Besides, nothing is wrong with testing the waters right?

The creator of Workin’ Moms, Reitman, shares the story of pitching her sitcom to her father. Unfortunately, he wasn’t on board. And she felt ashamed for even considering the idea. She started to think what happens if she fails? Will she be able to survive?

It’s quite normal to push your ideas under the rug and devalue yourself as Reitman mentions. But, it’s all about taking that leap. If you’re passionate about doing something, go for it. Stick to your vision and believe in yourself.

Listen to Reitman’s advice the next time you’re hesitant about stepping outside that zone. I’m sure you will be motivated to be your truest self.

College stress to college success by Brad Smith

“College isn’t just about academic growth,” says Smith. It involves developing our social skills. Plus, maturing as individuals too! But, it can be challenging to strike a balance. We’re either juggling part-time jobs, our social lives or classes.

How do we manage everything? Well, Smith has a solution.

Like you, Smith was a college student and in this Ted Talk he shares his experience of being a student-athlete and how it was challenging to schedule time for studying while also preparing for his matches.

Eventually, he created a strategy to achieve college success, Go Ace. The Go Ace process provides the best advice to strike a balance. As such, it helps you regain control of your life. Not to mention, helps you get good grades too!

With so much going on, you might be feeling stressed. But don’t worry! Instead, use Smith’s strategy to your advantage. That way, you’re motivated and have the mindset to finish the semester strong.

If you want to feel inspired, watch some Ted Talk videos. You can check out some of the ones we mentioned, or find something that better resonates with you. Whatever you pick, we believe that many of these videos offer the best advice to keep you motivated!

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