Leadership & Advocacy

Leadership & Advocacy Lara Pallonji’s path to self-acceptance and embracing her identity 

Love, identity and advocacy:

Leadership & Advocacy What happened at the College Student Alliance May Conference

Improving the college experience in Ontario:

Leadership & Advocacy A guide to using 2SLGBTQ+ language

Respect comes first:

Leadership & Advocacy A day in the life of a student advocate

A lot happening behind the scenes:

Leadership & Advocacy 4 books from Humber Library focused on 2SLGBTQ+

Resources to improve your knowledge:

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE’s new student advocate, Naisha Suthaharan

An advocate for equity, diversion and inclusivity:

Leadership & Advocacy Introducing the newly elected IGNITE Board of Directors

Stepping in to make major decisions:

Leadership & Advocacy Palacios-Naranjo's experience as a Student Advocate

“Amazing, unique and hyper. Every day you come in and see that everyone is so happy to be here. It is such a gorgeous environment.”  Melany Palacios-Naranjo IGNITE’s student advocates…

Leadership & Advocacy What I learned being on IGNITE's Board of Directors

Team work makes the dream work! With the recent IGNITE Election and all the spirited campaigning we saw across campuses, it’s certain you’ve heard about IGNITE’s Board of Directors. Still,…

Leadership & Advocacy 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day

Eco-friendly practices to protect the environment

Leadership & Advocacy 5 things you should do before graduation

Graduation countdown:

Leadership & Advocacy 5 resources to grow your leadership skills on campus

Unleash your inner leader:

Leadership & Advocacy 5 reasons to vote for the IGNITE Election

This is not a moment, it’s the movement As a post-secondary students, navigating coursework, part-time jobs, and socializing can be overwhelming. It’s easy to overlook additional responsibilities, like voting for…

Leadership & Advocacy Where to vote for your next Board of Directors

Vote for representation

Leadership & Advocacy Places to learn about Black history in Ontario

Celebrating Black leaders throughout the ages

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE renews membership with the College Student Alliance

At its most recent meeting, IGNITE’s Board of Directors voted to renew the student union’s membership with the College Student Alliance (CSA), a coalition of college student associations from across…

Leadership & Advocacy How to collaborate effectively in group projects

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much Hellen Keller If you hear “group projects” and feel a sense of dread, I feel you. Group assignments…

Leadership & Advocacy How student leadership sets you up for future success

Leadership is an action, not a position Donald McGannon Believe it or not, there is a leader within each of us. If you ever doubt that you are not naturally…

Leadership & Advocacy Your ultimate guide on how to run for the IGNITE Board of Directors

Have you completed your election checklist? It’s time to make a difference. If you’re reading these words, congratulations on taking the initiative to learn more about becoming an IGNITE Director…

Leadership & Advocacy Quiz: Which club should you join based on your personality?

It's time to meet new friends

Leadership & Advocacy Achievable goals for a year of accomplishment

Let this be the year you hit those goals It’s that time of the year again, when you join countless people in eagerly listing out your goals and resolutions, filled…

Leadership & Advocacy What's an Academic Program Representative?

Advocating for you:

Leadership & Advocacy Why being honest and open to your Student Advocate is important

Let your voice be heard

Leadership & Advocacy Meet your Student Advocates

“Students are who keep the institution running. Therefore, what we want is to have their voices heard and to be at the front line for every decision made.” Melany Palacios-Naranjo…

Elections Learn more about the IGNITE Board of Directors

Advocating for you

Leadership & Advocacy Sustainability initiatives at Humber College

Aiming for a greener future:

Leadership & Advocacy Q&A with the campus club president

Club Profile: Filipino Club

Leadership & Advocacy Rich the Kid talks mentorship and gives advice to students

More than just rap

Leadership & Advocacy Four must-watch movies from Indigenous voices

4 must-watch movies from Indigenous voices

Leadership & Advocacy Alumni Profile: Kelly Boutsalis and her journey as an Indigenous storyteller

From the Six Nations of the Grand River

Leadership & Advocacy How to make the best of your post-secondary experience

Make your student life awesome, one class at a time. It can be tough to head to school and be away from your friends and family. I get it; this…

Leadership & Advocacy Indigenous markings around Humber College campuses

Indigenous markings around Humber College campuses

Leadership & Advocacy Humber graduates' advice to new students

Friendly reminder that you'll be okay!

Clubs Why you should start an IGNITE club 

It’s time to create your own community! Have you ever wondered if people on campus share your passion? Well, a great way to find out is by starting a club…

Leadership & Advocacy Our 2023 IGNITE Pride Scholarship winners are here

Every month is Pride month! Every summer, IGNITE awards five students a $1,000 IGNITE Pride Scholarship. With this incentive, we aim to support the 2SLGBTQ+ community and mitigate the disproportional challenges…

Advocacy When students advocate, change happens.

At IGNITE, our mission is clear: to provide the best possible student experience. To achieve this goal, we rely on the dedication and passion of Student Advocates like Jessica and…

Leadership & Advocacy My first time using a menstrual cup: an honest review

At first I was scared, I was petrified...

Leadership & Advocacy Everything you missed at the AGM

All there is to know!

Leadership & Advocacy Identify toxic traits around you


Leadership & Advocacy Celebrating Women in History at IGNITE

Recognizing remarkable women who have worked with us

Leadership & Advocacy The results are in! Here are your leaders!

IGNITE Elections Results

Leadership & Advocacy Women empowerment club

Profile of an inspiring movement

Leadership & Advocacy Why you should attend IGNITE's Annual General Meeting

We want to see you at this year's AGM!

Leadership & Advocacy Inspiring and empowering fictional women to learn from

Bringing you motivation during this Women's History Month

Leadership & Advocacy Women-led movements

She paves her own way

Elections Meet your candidates

Announcing the candidates for the future IGNITE Board of Directors!

Leadership & Advocacy Female pioneers throughout the ages

Acknowledging remarkable women who have changed the world

Leadership & Advocacy Let your voice be heard

Take part in IGNITE's Equity Survey

Leadership & Advocacy How you can become a stronger ally

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

Leadership & Advocacy Initiatives IGNITE's Board of Directors have implemented

Be the change you wish to see

Leadership & Advocacy Fall Updates with our Wonderful Student Advocates

Learn more about the students that represent you on campus.

Elections Leadership: how to sharpen your skills on campus

Make full use of the opportunities available to you

Leadership & Advocacy Inspiring women who have overcome challenges

Motivating, inspiring and moving.

Leadership & Advocacy How to stay safe while attending protests

Don't get lost in the sauce.

Leadership & Advocacy Student leaders from the Presidents' breakfast share their on-campus activities

Why getting involved matters.

Leadership & Advocacy Sustainable changes you can make today

Now is the time to make the change !

Leadership & Advocacy How BSSE supports the Black community on-campus

Support, empowerment, and friendship start at BSSE!

Leadership & Advocacy 5 Indigenous content creators you should follow

In honour of Truth and Reconciliation day

Leadership & Advocacy Social media literacy: How to prevent spreading misinformation

Is it possible?

Leadership & Advocacy 5 opportunities you need check out as a returning student

Ramp up your resume with new skills

Leadership & Advocacy Eco-anxiety: What is it and how to manage it

“Change is the only constant.” Heraclitus Eco-anxiety is the fear about the state of the environment and the harm caused to it by human activity and climate change. With the…

Leadership & Advocacy Humber College awarded Gold Award by the WFCP

An award of Excellence for Global Citizenship

Leadership & Advocacy The importance of National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day will be celebrated across Canada on June 21

Leadership & Advocacy Language swaps that can save your relationship

Here's what you can say instead

Leadership & Advocacy Provincial Elections 2022: Your guide to voting for the first time

Your vote matters

Leadership & Advocacy We should all argue more often — here's why

Let it all out

Leadership & Advocacy Wholesome queer shows and literature to enjoy this June

Good vibes.

Leadership & Advocacy How to find your passion in post-secondary

Passion is priceless

Leadership & Advocacy Meet your 2022-2023 IGNITE Board of Directors

The year is looking bright!

Leadership & Advocacy 8 boring but necessary tasks to get done during the summer


Leadership & Advocacy Here's how minimalism can help you maximize your sustainability

To the max!

Leadership & Advocacy O2GO: Humber department rethinks food containers for sustainability

The little things matter!

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE allots $370,000 in financial aid for Ukrainian and Russian students

Here when you need us most

Leadership & Advocacy Introducing your 2022-2023 IGNITE Board of Directors

Let's see the results!

Leadership & Advocacy 9 quotes by Keke Palmer to guide you through your career

Listen to the pro!

Leadership & Advocacy How to transition to living at home during the summer months

Back to the old stomping grounds. School is over and summer is among us. For those that moved onto residence or closer to campus for school, that might mean you’re…

Leadership & Advocacy Here are your 2022-2023 IGNITE Board of Directors candidates

Know your voting dates!

Leadership & Advocacy Students share the women who inspire them most

International Women's Day 2022 is here.

Leadership & Advocacy 20 things you can do in that awkward 20 minutes between classes

20 minutes never felt so productive! Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day? And at the same time, feel like maybe you just don’t…

Leadership & Advocacy 5 easy ways to make it a productive day

As easy as A, B, C.

Leadership & Advocacy So, you bombed your exam. Here's what to do next.

It's going to be okay.

Leadership & Advocacy OPSEU and CEC bargaining update

A letter from Shay Hamilton, IGNITE Chair

Leadership & Advocacy Students who used their voice to make a difference

One step at a time!

Leadership & Advocacy Wondrous works of art to discover this Black History Month

We're making a list!

Leadership & Advocacy How IGNITE being in the College Student Alliance will benefit you

Let's talk about it.

Leadership & Advocacy Here's how being in school as a mature student is unique

Older and wiser.

Leadership & Advocacy Announcing the recipients of the IGNITE Indigenous Scholarship

Learning, leading and just generally being amazing.

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE statement - international student tuition increase

International student tuition increases

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE launches annual Indigenous scholarship

Funding your future.

Leadership & Advocacy 9 perks you didn't know you get as a Humber or UofGH student

Your school's gifts to you.

Leadership & Advocacy Get to know your 2021-2022 IGNITE Board of Directors

IGNITE-ing your school year.

Leadership & Advocacy 6 fights you'll probably have with your roommates

and how to solve them.

Leadership & Advocacy Margaret Cho wants to see more queer stories on-screen

"Identity is part of the narrative – but it's not the entirety of it."

Leadership & Advocacy "Keep going" – Bretman Rock's advice for young queer creators

"We are what the world needs right now."

Leadership & Advocacy Here's how you can support the Land Back Movement

"...breathing life into rights and responsibilities."

Leadership & Advocacy Here's how Margaret Cho advocates for the queer community

Pride is a verb.

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE launches annual Pride Scholarship

We're here. We're queer. We're funding our careers.

Leadership & Advocacy 20 thoughts you have when starting your own business

Growth never happens in your comfort zone.

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE takes the BlackNorth Initiative Pledge

A commitment to eliminating anti-Black racism at Humber and UofGH.

Leadership & Advocacy Igniting Action: IGNITE signs the BlackNorth Initiative Pledge

A critical first step

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE joins College Student Alliance (CSA)

Shaping the future

Leadership & Advocacy Announcing the IGNITE Leadership Award winners

Leadership 101 not a prerequisite.

Leadership & Advocacy A Fireside Chat with Masai Ujiri

Talk about a slam dunk.

Leadership & Advocacy How being an IGNITE Board Director can help advance your career

Give yourself an edge!

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE SECs take us behind the scenes of Ignition Point

Getting all the juicy details!

Leadership & Advocacy Introducing the annual IGNITE Black Excellence Scholarship

It feels good to be excellent

Leadership & Advocacy Leadership tips from your Board of Directors

Leaders gotta’ lead.

Leadership & Advocacy The importance of maintaining healthy relationships in our work, school and social lives

Don’t forget, it’s okay to ask for help.

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE's Dispute Resolution Clinic wins League 2020 Innovation of the Year Award 

Students solving problems. Literally.

Leadership & Advocacy A Message from your 2019-20 Executives

Thanks for a wonderful year.

Leadership & Advocacy Introducing IGNITE's 2020-2021 Board of Directors

The results are in.

Leadership & Advocacy How your Guelph-Humber Board of Directors candidates want to foster change on campus

Students turned leaders.

Leadership & Advocacy How your North Board of Directors candidates plan to foster change on campus

Students turned leaders.

Leadership & Advocacy How your Lakeshore Board of Directors candidates plan to foster change on campus

Students turned leaders.

Leadership & Advocacy A Day in the Life of an IGNITE Board Director

Walk a day in their shoes.

Leadership & Advocacy Spotlight: IGNITE Board of Directors - Lakeshore

Meet the students who make IGNITE happen.

Leadership & Advocacy Dan Levy on the Canadian film industry and working with family

Get to know Dan Levy.

Leadership & Advocacy Antoni Porowski on fame, food, and feeling good

Try not to squeal, okay?

Leadership & Advocacy Erasing the stigma: Why YOU should be a feminist

Girl PWR.

Leadership & Advocacy Navigating the patriarchy with YouTuber Jouelzy

Throw patriarchy away!

Leadership & Advocacy Finding success in a male dominated industry: Phoebe Robinson's story

The podcast queen tells all.

Leadership & Advocacy Influential women celebrate International Women's Day with IGNITE

They're leaving their mark.

Leadership & Advocacy Meet Your 2019-2020 IGNITE Execs

The results are in.

Leadership & Advocacy 5 women who fought for racial justice and what they taught us

The recognition these women rightfully deserve.

Leadership & Advocacy On Monday we're marching for your rights and we want YOU to join us

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Leadership & Advocacy How one Humber department is changing the way we think about sustainability

The world needs a change, and they're making it happen.

Leadership & Advocacy Frost 2019: Interview with Justina Valentine

Justina Valentine shows us that women CAN do anything.

Leadership & Advocacy 10 quotes from powerful women on overcoming adversity

Remember their words when times get tough.

Leadership & Advocacy Here are IGNITE's 2018/2019 execs

Find out who will be IGNITE's newest execs!

Leadership & Advocacy Interview with Iskra Lawrence

From Ted Talks to catwalks, Iskra Lawrence is making big changes in fashion.

Leadership & Advocacy Interview with Sophia Bush

Check out what Sophia Bush had to say on personal growth, social media, and more

Leadership & Advocacy Iskra Lawrence is coming to campus - 6 reasons to get excited

Feel all the self-love with Iskra Lawrence.

Leadership & Advocacy Interview with Charlamagne tha God

Honesty really is the best policy, find out why from Charlamagne tha God.

Leadership & Advocacy IGNITE execs tell-all: advice, projects, and why they love their role

Ever wondered what it's like to be an IGNITE exec? We sat down with the execs to learn more about their roles and how they're helping students.

Leadership & Advocacy 5 reasons you should run in IGNITE's elections

Want to run in elections, but aren't sure? Here are 5 reasons why you should!

Leadership & Advocacy Interview with Arlene Dickinson

You are going to move this country forward, find out why and how from Arlene.

Leadership & Advocacy Interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Find out what Kaitlyn told us about gaining self-confidence and more!

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