Helping to lessen the burden.

In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine, we understand the emotional and financial hardships afflicting international students from both Ukraine and Russia.

Therefore, following discussions with Humber International, the Department of Student Success and Engagement, and Humber Residence, we have decided to provide financial aid for these students to help with these hardships.

The aid expenses will be provided by IGNITE and the organizations involved in these discussions, for a total amount of over $732,000, of which IGNITE will be supplying 50 per cent.

Presently, 95 students, out of the 331 Ukrainian and Russian international students enrolled at Humber college, reside in Canada. The money allotted will cover the financial needs of these 95 students, as voiced to IGNITE by self-identifying Ukrainian students.

The $370,000 aid devoted by IGNITE will cover the following costs for the students:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Transit Pass
  • Phone & Internet
  • Other miscellaneous expenses

The aid will be available from May to August 2022.

As your student union, IGNITE will continue to advocate for your academic and socio-psychological needs. Meanwhile, other services available for our students are:

Above all, IGNITE is committed to supporting you.

Therefore, as you go through this difficult period, we at IGNITE will continue to do our best to help you in all possible ways and we encourage you to continue sharing feedback, thoughts, and concerns with us through social media, and email.

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