Leadership is an action, not a position

Donald McGannon

Believe it or not, there is a leader within each of us. If you ever doubt that you are not naturally assertive or charismatic enough, it’s alright. In fact, leadership comes in many shapes and forms.

When you embark on discovering those abilities, you’ll understand what type of leader you are. Through that journey, you will be surprised by how much leadership guides you to personal and career triumphs. Curious to know how? Well, here’s the lowdown.

Master your public speaking skills

a guy lacking leadership attributes doing a speech


It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous when you speak in front of a large audience. In fact, public speaking is something you need to learn, not be born with.

One of the ways to practice is to take initiative. By taking initiative, I mean something as simple as participating in class discussions or engaging with your fellow IGNITE Club members.

You get a multifaceted awareness of yourself and those around you by speaking and actively listening. As soon as you realize this, you’re on your way to becoming a communication maestro.

Delegate without micromanaging

a group of people high fives for leadership


I know it is exhausting to work in groups, but you have to learn how to work together with your teammates.

In reality, you can’t always jump in and fix someone’s work when things don’t go as you want. In the long run, it may drain your passion and stamina. For other people, they will miss out on valuable learning and growth opportunities.

Developing a sense of trust can be challenging. Participating in case competitions is a great way to hone this skill; they’re like group assignments but more professional with a panel of judges who are experts in their fields.

Expand your network

a man trying to talk to everyone


Just like they always say, everything you attract on the outside is a reflection of what’s inside.

Although networking can support your personal and professional development, it is also important to connect to the right people. By showing your leadership initiative, you increase your chances of meeting with those who are the most compatible.

Let’s begin by defining your own personal brand to understand your strengths and weaknesses first. Then, you’ll know what you need and reach out to people who can help you improve the areas you are not confident with – yet.

Bring your resume to the next level

a man answering his interview about resume


What’s a better way to demonstrate yourself other than what you’ve accomplished so far?

You’re a combination of the work you did in the past. Employers will look at your experience and decide whether you’re the right fit for the company or not. The extra efforts you put in will greatly compliment your diploma or degree in order to attract employers.

Remember, everything counts! Try starting a club or running for the IGNITE Election to have your resume stand out.

Wait no more, the IGNITE Election is coming!

ignite election candidate demonstrating leadership
Photo by IGNITE

Gaining strong leadership qualities will not only enhance your role as a member of society but will also help improve your ability to make an impact in your own life and the lives of others.

If you want to expand your leadership experience, don’t miss out on running forthe Board of Directors in the 2024-25 IGNITE Election. This is an opportunity for you to represent all your peers on campus!

Nominations packages are available on the IGNITE website from Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. Embrace the role of a community voice and take action now!

Want to know what type of leader you are? Check out our TV show leadership test now!

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