From Michael Scott to Rick Grimes, we’ve seen leaders come in many avatars. Whether it’s disrupting the office with non-stop shenanigans (productivity what?) or making tough calls in the midst of a hungry zombie horde, leaders have unique styles that make them both endearing and annoying.

The character Michael Scott from the TV show The Office declares bankruptcy in the middle of the office.

Have you ever watched your favourite TV show boss-leader completely do an amazing job and thought you’d do the exact same in their place? On the other hand, have you cringed and raged at their decisions and thought you’d have a better way of handling things? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. I personally can’t get through an episode of The Office without shaking my head in frustration at the sheer number of unholy disruptions Michael causes. How do people get any work done?!

The character Carmen Berzatto from the TV show The Bear faces his fellow chefs who look at him expectantly.

Our personalities, experiences and attitudes define our leadership styles. Are you Carmy, trying to transform and improve the people and space around you? Or are you Tommy Shelby, silent, calculated and weighing long-term decisions that will benefit your vagabond crew? Whichever TV show leader you are, you should be proud of how you lead your people (well… mostly.)

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Feature image by firekate via Wallpaper Cave

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