Boring but necessary tasks must be rewarded with vanilla soft serve.

We know summer is exciting. Beach trips, sunny bike rides, camping and perhaps even some time off school. But unfortunately summer isn’t always all fun and games.

Sometimes we have necessary tasks we need to get done and that’s just part of being an adult. Filling out forms, searching for important documents and long waits in line, yup, adulting.

Here are eight boring but necessary tasks you should complete this summer. We suggest maybe downloading some mobile games to make those long waits in line pass a little faster. Because sometimes it can still be fun and games.

1. Renew your passport

Cartoon passport with various travel stamps being stamped.

Renew that baby so there’s no heart break at the airport an hour before your overseas summer vacation. You can renew your passport by mail or in-person by printing and filling out the forms yourself.

It can take some time by mail, so it’s best to do it well in advance. Make sure you’ve got all the necessary documentation and an updated photo.

Heads up, you can renew your passport for five or 10 years.

2. Renew your health card

We don’t think there’s anyone that looks good in their health card photo. But we’d hate to pay a visit to the ER without one.

You’ll have the option to renew your health card in-person or online.

Homer Simpson squeezing past a line of people saying "Very important person. Give me frontsies" while there is angry shouting.

Here’s your chance to skip the lines! It can take four to six weeks for your new card to be mailed to you, so sit tight!

3. Renew your driver’s license

Cartoon dog driving a car with sunglasses.

Your driver’s license can also be renewed online. No trip to ServiceOntario today!

Check off all these important renewals in a single online session. Your driver’s license will also take four to six weeks to be mailed, but at least you only have to renew these every five years.

Well, once you’ve got your new license, you’re all set for those late nights at the Wendy’s drive through—or a road trip around the GTA.

4. Go to your annuals check-ups

White bandaid with heart moving side to side against black background.

We’re talking the doctor, dentist, chiropractor or the optometrist.

Basically, anywhere you didn’t have time to go to during the school year. We get it—it’s usually far, out of the way and none of the magazines are ever up to date. But it’s super necessary to visit your doctor and dentist at least once a year.

Plus, if you’ve been looking for a weekend to remove your wisdom teeth, there’s no better time! Especially since you’ll need to stock up on some cold popsicles.

Crack some bones, do an eye test, the usual stuff (laser eye surgery, anyone?).

5. Sign a phone plan

Man lying down on couch dropping his phone on his face.

If your contract is coming to an end, it’s time to assess your options. Check out the marketplace for any new deals, consider if you need to upgrade your phone and pick out a plan.

You’ll want to be covered when you head off to school! Texting? Minutes? Data? Up to you.

6. Make a schedule for fall

Pug crossing off day on calendar with the text "Save the date!"

Select your electives and plan out your fall schedule. You’ll be ready when registration comes around.

Let’s hope this summer weather carries into September!

7. Pay your tuition deposit and fall fees

Cartoon dog with money sign spots, eyes and money signs circling its head.

Visit the academic calendar to mark down all the important dates for your program. Close to the beginning of the academic year, you’ll receive email reminders to pay your tuition deposit and fall program fees!

Not the most exciting, but that’ll change once the school year starts!

8. Finalize your insurance choices

IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan has you covered, no matter what your needs are! If you need insurance, no sweat—full-time students are automatically enrolled.

Man pointing to held up palm and saying "Sign here."

The summer insurance opt-in/opt-out period opens on Friday, April 29. Visit to finalize your choice, download your benefits card or check your coverage.

And that’s our list of necessary tasks you’d better accomplish this summer. They’re like chores you only do once a year or so.

Don’t delay! Get them out of the way and enjoy some summer fun.

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