Life essentials: Food, water, smartphone.

Phones are expensive these days, and the problem is that we need them to function in everyday life.

Whether it be finding out your work schedule, making plans with friends, checking assignments on school apps…students need phones.

Unfortunately, this need can be challenging as you may be able to find a good deal on a phone plan and purchasing the upfront phone itself can be very expensive. For example, the new iPhone Pro 13 can be up to $1500.

Luckily, IGNITE understands the struggle so we have put together the best smartphones for students’ needs and budgets.

Samsung Galaxy A03s ($169.99)

Samsung Galaxy A03s 32GB smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy A03s ($169.99) from BestBuy

Looking for a phone that is cheap and will get the job done? The Samsung Galaxy A03s is for you! You can experience best-in-class performance with a 6.5″ HD+ TFT infinity-V display, and the best part? It’s only $169.99.

Google Pixel 4a with 5G($549.99)

Google Pixel 4a smartphone.
Google Pixel 4a ($549.99) from Amazon

A bit more expensive than the Galaxy A03s, Googles Pixel 4a provides you with an interconnected experience (considering everyone nowadays uses Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar etc.) If you like taking lots of photos have no fear the Pixel 4a has 128gb to keep your photos stored (you can even get more storage by using Google Photos).

iPhone SE ($569)

iPhone SE ($569) from Apple

iPhones are amazing…but they don’t come with a pretty price tag.

Although still on the higher end, Apple created an iPhone SE as a cheaper entry-level to Apple products rather than their new phones that cost upwards of $1500.

The iPhone SE has a retina HD display with touch ID, and although it’s an older model it still has the ability to run all iPhone apps seamlessly. It works best when paired with other apple devices because you can sync data and calenders between your devices.

Samsung Galaxy A22 ($279.99)

Samsung Galaxy A22 ($279.99) from Amazon

If you’re a photography student you’re going to love the Samsung Galaxy A22. With the price of $279.99, you can go photo crazy with the four cameras! All with different features from wide, ultrawide, macro and depth.

Rugged Smartphone ($299.99)

Rugged Smartphone
Rugged Smartphone ($299.99) Amazon

As a student, you’re always on the go, and sometimes you need something heavy-duty. The Rugged Smartphone has a reliable design that is 1.5 meters fall resistant and waterproof! This phone will get you through it all!

Purchase a refurbished phone

Gif via giphy

Want a newer released phone without paying the big costs? Check out Best Buy Canada’s refurbished phone section. They have a variety of phones in good refurbished condition from iPhones, Androids, Samsungs and more! They even have some iPhone 11’s for under $500. Better yet, you’re helping the environment by consuming a used product!

As much as you might want the newest iPhone, it might not be the best phone for your budget and needs. So, before you drop upwards of $1500, consider these other options. But, whatever phone you pick, we hope it will help you connect in the digital world while working on your studies.

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