Great leaders are not born, they are made.

Yes, we’ve heard the opposite about leadership all our life, but research states this is not actually the case. It’s only 30% genetic and 70% learned. So, in the past, if you’ve tried to be a leader, but it didn’t go as planned, maybe you thought to yourself that you weren’t born to be one.

Well, pull up your socks because we believe otherwise! Everyone just needs to find a place to start and where better than your college campus?

So, here are some of the best opportunities to help you gain leadership skills:

IGNITE’s Board of Directors

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Humber and UofGH’s beloved student union – IGNITE, is led by students, for students. Being a part of the Board of Directors, or even the student union in any way, helps you develop a skillset fit for a leader. IGNITE has annual elections where every full-time student at Humber and UofGH can participate and foster change on campus.

Get that confidence you need, be involved on campus, and be involved at IGNITE. Election season will be coming up fast so make sure to keep up-to-date with IGNITE on social media so you don’t miss important deadlines!

Peer mentor

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As a peer mentor, you will mentor a group of first-year students to help them transition to campus life.

You can develop skills like communication and relationship building. Plus, you can even potentially win FYE rewards, which may include the opportunity to win money towards your tuition.

Club leadership

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At Humber and UofGH, you can find like-minded individuals by starting a club!  

Not only will you be doing something you love with people who share your passion, but as a club leader you’ll also learn important skills like how to manage a crowd, how to foster healthy discussion and create a cohesive and friendly environment.

Group projects leadership

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While most of us despise group projects, it’s often an opportunity in disguise for people looking to sharpen their leadership qualities.

Be the one who makes the group, be the one who reaches out, and take the role of the person everyone looks at when looking to make a decision. Small victories like these also help a lot in feeling confident with your own opinion.

While it may be a skill set that requires a lot of sharpening, you must start somewhere. So then, why not your college campus?

So, which one of them are you going to experiment with?

Don’t know what to do when you commute? This might help!

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