Women are resilient

Shay Hamilton

On March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day by recognizing the resilience and contribution of women to our society. From women-led movements to changing legislation, women continue to advocate for change. And demand equality.

We want to continue celebrating the women around us. At IGNITE, amazing women work endlessly to enrich your student life experience. They are resilient with excellent leadership skills needed to support you!

Although, some faces may look unfamiliar. We are celebrating the women in history at IGNITE. Let’s give a round of applause to these ladies. And their contributions! Let’s see what these ladies had to say.

Celebrate women

As you will see from the video, these women have highlighted their inspiration. Plus, what they have learnt about women in leadership. Some of these women have worked in roles such as:

  • Student advocate
  • Board of Director
  • Operations Manager

We do hope this representation will empower all the women on campus. We now have the opportunity to lead in organizations. Plus, be a leader in our communities! Who would have thought this would be possible?

Let’s continue to celebrate women during March. This includes women in history at IGNITE too! It can be your best friend, relative or role model. It doesn’t have to be March 8 to recognize women for their relentless efforts and contribution. Instead, let’s celebrate them all year – long.

No matter what, women remain powerful and resilient.

Here are some female pioneers throughout the ages.

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