“All great achievements require time.”

Maya Angelou

Celebrating women all month long!

We recognize the ambitious and amazing women who have shaped the world. Let’s acknowledge the tenacious female pioneers who have overcome struggles and helped to pave the way for us and future generations. Through their relentless efforts, these women advocated for change, equality and women’s rights.

Here are five female pioneers throughout the ages.

Beulah Louise Henry

Beulah is using a typewriter.

Image via The Famous People

Known as the “Lady Edison” of many creations, Beulah’s innovations are geared towards improving the quality of life for women.

Some of her well-known creations include:

  • typewriting machine
  • hair curler
  • can opener
  • vacuum ice-cream freezer

In 2006, she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for her impressive creations!

Margaret Sanger

Margaret is taking a break from reading her book.

Image via Womenhistory

Arrested on more than one occasion for her work, Margaret became an advocate for women’s reproductive rights.

She believed controlling family size could reduce the cycle of poverty among women. As a result, she began advocating for birth control, arguing that women should determine when they are ready to have children.

She opened the first birth control clinic in America through her relentless efforts. Furthermore, she also helped to legalize contraception by challenging laws.

Marie Van Brittan Brown

A black and white image of Marie.

Image via Awis

Do you have a ring security system at home? If you do, the idea stemmed from ages ago.

Marie lived in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate and whenever there was an emergency, the police officers were slow to arrive. So, she decided to create the first home security system commonly known as the CCTV camera system.

Her invention consisted of three peepholes, available for children and adults regardless of their height. In addition, she included a camera that was adjustable from peephole to peephole for individuals to see who was outside, all of which were connected to a wireless tv system. In addition, with the assistance of her husband, an electronic technician, she created a two-way microphone allowing for communication inside the home and with whoever was at the door.

Sandra Day O’Connor

Sandra is dressed in blue and smiling.

Image via CNBC

Sandra is the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court in the United States.

Putting women’s interests at the forefront, Sandra was always the swing vote in divisive cases. She tackled many issues, such as gender discrimination, sexual harassment and freedom of religion.

After she retired in 2006, there was a 48% increase in women attending law school. But during her tenure, only 2% of the school’s population were women.

Rachel Carson

Rachel has short curly hair and she's smiling.

Image via Rachel Carson

In her book Silent Spring, Rachel highlights the dangers of pesticides on humans and ecosystems. All of which lead to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

As a marine biologist and nature lover, she accelerated the global environmental movement. Even now, companies and individuals are protecting the environment through sustainability. All of these efforts are spearheaded by Rachel’s passion and dedication.

As we continue to celebrate women all month long, let us not forget the monumental contributions of these women to society. And let’s recognize the greatness of all our current female role models, friends and family members!

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