“Just be yourself and take heed to things that are going on in the music industry nowadays.”

Rich the Kid.

It’s been over a month since the IGNITE Concert and we’re still thinking about the soulful melodies of Mariah the Scientist and the high-energy beats of Rich the Kid.

After our epic party, IGNITE had a heart-to-heart with our headlining performer, Rich the Kid, where he dropped some wisdom for students and revealed some exciting news about his upcoming album.

Rich understands the vital role of mentorship and support, which is not only significant for students but also for artists in the music industry. His record label, Rich Forever Music, is renowned for uplifting emerging talents, and Rich shared his favourite mentoring experience that he still carries with him.

“Definitely signing Famous Dex and having to mentor him through everything; through life, being a young artist, from then to now,” Rich said.

Group work and collaboration

Rich the Kid holding hands with fans at IGNITE Concert 2023.
Photo credits: IGNITE

In college and university, students start to dive into collaborative projects and group assignments. According to Rich, tapping into your group’s energy and being a team player is the ultimate advice when dealing with group work.

And for students navigating the music industry, Rich has some guidance for this ever-changing field.

“Just be yourself and take heed to things that are going on in the music industry nowadays. Look up to people (who are) still winning today,” he advised.

Exciting announcement

Rich the Kid performing at IGNITE Concert 2023.
Photo credits: IGNITE

After three years of dedication, Rich is excited to announce an upcoming album. He emphasizes that his music has undergone a transformative journey, promising his fans an incredible production, fresh flows, and exciting collaborations. He’s targeting a release just before Christmas, so keep an eye out!

Despite his years in the game, Rich still harbors big dreams and unwavering determination to make waves in the rap world. He envisions the upcoming years in his career as a time of industry domination, where he and the entire Rich family will assert their presence and influence in the world of music.

“I see for the next years in my career us just taking over the industry, taking over music as a whole, myself and all Rich fam,” Rich said.

We hope you had fun!

Rich the Kid performing at IGNITE Concert 2023.
Photo credits: IGNITE

His advice on collaboration and being authentic in the music industry resonates with students and aspiring artists alike. We can’t wait to witness his continued rise and industry dominance in the years to come. The IGNITE Concert may be over, but the inspiration it brought continues to thrive.

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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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