It’s been a busy week across at the University of Guelph-Humber and across Humber campuses as students cast their ballots to determine the new executive team. After weeks of preparation and campaigning, the results for this year’s elections are in!

Introducing IGNITE’s 2019-2020 Executive Team:

The 2019-20 IGNITE executive team pose for a photo at the press conference.

President: Monica Khosla

Vice President, North: Simran

Vice President, Lakeshore: Ryan Stafford

Vice President, Guelph-Humber: Megan Roopnarine

The 2019-20 Board of Directors pose for a photo at the press conference

Board of Directors:

  • Dishant Passi (North)
  • Eden Tavares (North)
  • Neto Naniwambote (North)
  • Shawayne Dunstan (North)
  • Camila Ruiz Tacha (Lakeshore)
  • Stephanie Fallico (Lakeshore)
  • Asiya Bashir Awan (Lakeshore)
  • Erika Caldwell (GH)
  • Julia Ciampa (GH)
  • Nav Sidhu (Orangeville)

Congratulations to the new executive team! We know your plans for IGNITE will greatly benefit the student body in the upcoming year. For the candidates who were unsuccessful, don’t despair! There are lots of ways to get involved coming up, giving you more opportunities to benefit the Humber College and UofGH community.

For more information about each executive’s role, check out our Governance page.

The breakdown:

This year’s voting period lasted from Feb. 25 through March 1. Over the week, 7811 students cast their vote in person or through online polling stations. Here’s a full breakdown for each candidate:


Margarita Bader (3465)

Monica Khosla (3795)

Abstain (551)

Vice President – North Campus

Simran (1778)

Jason Hyatt (658)

Ameem Rahman (415)

Dilshan Tharusha Marasinghe (305)

Ekmjyot Sohal (908)

Abstain (363)

Vice President – Guelph-Humber Campus  

Carmen Duong (245)

Saffiya Lulat (267)

Megan Roopnarine (426)

Abstain (36)

Vice President – Lakeshore Campus

Ostap Pavliuk (836)

Ryan Stafford (1381)

Abstain (179)

Board of Directors – North Campus

Shawayne Dunstan (1217)

Neto Naniwambote (442)

Dishant Passi (1288)

Eden Tavares (1093)

Abstain (387)

Board of Directors – Guelph-Humber Campus

Afifa Abbaszadeh (172)

Erika Caldwell (368)

Julia Ciampa (201)

Drake Foo (136)

Jim Hung (55)

Abstain (36)

Board of Directors – Lakeshore

Asiya Bashir Awan (488)

Camila Ruiz Tacha (1088)

Stephanie Fallico (605)

Abstain (215)

Board of Directors – Orangeville

Nav Sidhu (12)

Abstain (2)

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