At IGNITE, our mission is clear: to provide the best possible student experience. To achieve this goal, we rely on the dedication and passion of Student Advocates like Jessica and Melany. They advocate on behalf of students, sparking positive changes on campus that directly benefit every student and elevate their overall experience.

On June 20, your Student Advocates sent a letter to Humber College President Ann Marie Vaughn, highlighting the advocacy priorities that demand immediate attention and action from Humber College. The submitted advocacy priorities are based on direct feedback from you – the students. Here are some highlights from the letter:

International Student Support and Resources 

  • Increase transparency between the International Department, IGNITE, and international students by implementing a tuition freeze and ensuring mandatory IGNITE involvement in tuition framework development.
  • Create an international student-specific work-study program to subsidise on-campus jobs.

On-campus Food 

  • Strengthen partnership with IGNITE SoupBar to effectively address food insecurity on campus within the next 18 months. 
  • Hold on-campus vendors accountable. We urge the inclusion of equitable and just food strategy values in the selection process for on-campus vendors by ensuring the food strategy is embedded in each RFP process. Additionally, we request that IGNITE be granted two seats on the 2023–24 selection committee for the new vendor.


  • Increase the quality and accessibility of mental health resources across all campuses, including virtual platforms..

Work-Integrated Learning 

  • Eliminate co-op fees, ranging from $440 to $660, for both international and domestic students.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging 

  • Commit to a coordinated institutional approach toward EDI which includes students, staff, faculty and community stakeholders.

Student Representation 

  • Expand IGNITE’s Academic Program Representatives to include a new faculty by Fall 2024, and a minimum of one additional faculty per year thereafter. 
  • Include students in senior executive hiring processes and on institutional committees. 
  • Commit to participating in 3 IGNITE-led town halls per year, featuring members of senior administration, faculty, and the Department of Student Success and Engagement. 

We encourage you to read the full letter to gain a deeper insight into the details. 

Photo by IGNITE

By taking action, Humber College has an opportunity to show its commitment to student success and ensure that every student’s journey at Humber is truly transformative.

We’re excited to witness the positive changes that will arise from this initiative, and have confirmed follow-up meetings with various departments and administration to continue the conversations and achieve our advocacy goals.

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