“Together, let’s strive for greatness, supporting each other every step of the way.”

Yash Patel

After weeks of launching their candidacy, politicking and convincing students why they’d be a good fit for the position, IGNITE announced the newly elected Board of Directors on March 8, 2024.

If you’re not aware, the board is the bridge between IGNITE and Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber students. Its members are students themselves. They make strategic decisions, approve major plans and sit in the driver’s seat to decide how IGNITE will advocate on behalf of students. 

Do you have any concerns regarding your student life? Is there something you think the college or university can do better to support students? The Board of Directors are the ones who can make a difference in your post-secondary experience!

If you missed out on the elected candidates, there’s no need to worry. We’ve talked to some of the new members of the board to get to know them better and introduce them to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re located at the North, Lakeshore, IGS or UofGH campus. There is a representative near you ready to support your post-secondary journey.

Here’s a bit more about some of the newly elected members who are stepping in to make your student life a memorable one:

Gabrielle Sterling – North campus

Headshot of Gabrielle Sterling, member of the Board of Directors.
Photo credits: IGNITE

Currently enrolled in the biotechnology program at the North campus, the Jamaican native Gabrielle Sterling enjoys dancing and singing during her free time. However, she mentions student advocacy and scientific research as her main interests.

It all started when Sterling decided to participate in the IGNITE Election. Boosted by her deep passion for students’ needs and rights, Sterling mentions that seeing her name as one of the elected Board of Directors filled her with excitement.

As she steps into this new position, Sterling wants to promote diversity and inclusion while improving the mental health resources available to Humber and UofGH students.

“I want to convey the importance of unity and active participation in shaping our campus community. Let’s work together to create positive change and ensure that every student’s voice is heard and valued,” Sterling said.

Onoriode Francis Osifo – Lakeshore campus

Headshot of Onoriode Francis Osifo, member of the Board of Directors.
Photo credits: IGNITE

Drawing from the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together,” Onoriode Francis Osifo views unity and collaboration as essential foundations for his term on the board.

As a third-year student in the bachelor of child and youth care program, Osifo’s motivation to advocate traces back to his origins. During his upbringing in Nigeria, he witnessed the challenges confronting unsupported young people, which fueled his path toward becoming a public speaker and youth facilitator.

As a member of the board, Osifo emphasizes his goal to focus on many areas of the community, including but not limited to promoting accessibility, inclusion and diversity. He wants to embrace leadership with a foundation rooted in empathy, gratitude and collaboration.

“I am reminded of the essence of the student journey. Let us not forget the strength found in unity and community as we commence this voyage collectively. Together, there are no limits to the heights we can reach, far surpassing even our most ambitious aspirations,” Osifo said.

Yash Patel – North campus

Headshot of Yash Patel, member of the Board of Directors.
Photo credits: IGNITE

Yash Patel is another board representative from the North campus. A student of the electromechanical engineering program, Patel’s journey started in the city of Ahmedabad, India, where he kicked off a pursuit of entrepreneurship, leading a startup for two years.

Patel’s decision to participate in the IGNITE Election was a result of his passion for leadership and community engagement. He mentions holding a student leader position in his previous college, where he understood the power of collective action and the importance of having a voice that can shape the community’s future.

With his background in entrepreneurship, Patel’s main goal as a Board of Director is to bridge the gap between education and industry. He wants to provide students with the resources and opportunities they need to excel. He also wants to facilitate access to part-time jobs, which he believes will foster an environment that encourages skill development.

“To my fellow students, believe in the power of your dreams, they have the potential to shape the world around you. Your journey is unique as you are, and every obstacle is an opportunity for growth,” Patel said.

Group picture of the 2024-25 IGNITE Board of Directors.
Photo credits: IGNITE

These are just three of the 10 newly elected Board of Directors that are stepping in to approve major decisions that will impact your student life.

The full list is as follows:


  • Gabrielle Sterling.
  • Jack Pickett.
  • Yash Patel.


  • Harleen Lamba.
  • Kartavya Patel.
  • Onoriode Francis Osifo.


  • Sesha Sankrarasubramanian.


  • Ana Downes.
  • Michael Tahir.
  • Zeynep Oz.

We wish our new board a successful year with many actions toward student advocacy. And don’t forget, they are the ones who shape your post-secondary life and experience. Don’t forget to reach out to your representatives if you want to provide feedback, ask questions, or just to say hello!

Feature image courtesy of IGNITE

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