Hey Hawks!

After weeks of spirited campaigning, candidate meet and greets and enthusiastic voting from you good people, the 2024-2025 IGNITE Board of Directors Election results are in! It’s been a wild ride and we can’t wait for you to meet your newest team of on-campus representatives.

A big shoutout to all the students at Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber who voted in this election. Casting your vote is like choosing the playlist for the ultimate campus party, it dictates all the fun you’re gonna have for the rest of the night (or in this case, the whole year.) Remember, your Board of Directors are here to shape IGNITE’s policy and advocate on your behalf, so you can always write to them to continue making your voice heard!

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A heartfelt thank you to all the candidates who stepped up and threw their hats in the ring for the student election – your courage and dedication to representing your fellow students are what make our campus community thrive! We know it’s not easy to put yourself out there, so you all are the real MVPs!

Say hello to IGNITE’s newest Board of Directors!

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Directors, North Campus:

Gabrielle Sterling, Jack Pickett and Yash Patel

Directors, Lakeshore Campus:

Onoriode Francis Osifo, Harleen Lamba and Kartavya Patel

Director, IGS Campus:

Sesha Sankrarasubramanian

Directors, UofGH:

Ana Downes, Zeynep Oz and Michael Tahir

Congratulations to our freshly minted Board of Directors! Your victory is not just a win for you, but for the entire student body. Your passion, commitment, and vision for our student union have earned you this honour, and we are excited to see the positive impact you will make on our campus community. Together, we are confident we will make sure Humber and UofGH students have the best year yet!

Now, it’s time to look at the votes!

Crunching the election numbers

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Across all campuses, a total of 15 candidates entered the race and 7,619 out of 33,199 votes were cast, with 289 abstains. This resulted in a voter turnout of 22.9%. IGNITE’s entire part-time and full-time staff conducted extensive outreach across weeks to engage students and facilitate voting during the week of March 4, 2024 (and handed out tonnes of treats and snacks, literally!) We’re so proud of everyone who showed up and participated!

North Campus

  • Gabrielle Sterling (1040) 
  • Jack Pickett (624) 
  • Yash Patel (554) 
  • Jashanpreet Singh (523) 
  • Sayfuldin Abubakar (492) 
  • Jashanpreet Kaur (455) 
  • Anmoldeep Sandhu (407) 
  • Abstain (107) 


  • Onoriode Francis Osifo (992) 
  • Harleen Lamba (701) 
  • Kartavya Patel (365) 
  • Sadanandam Undekoti (180) 
  • Abstain (106)   

IGS Campus  

  • Sesha Sankrarasubramanian (395) 
  • Abstain (66)   


  • Ana Downes (218) 
  • Zeynep Oz (196) 
  • Michael Tahir (188) 
  • Abstain (10) 

We wish our new Board of Directors a successful and transformational year ahead, both in shaping the campus life and student experience and also growing their leadership and advocacy skills.

So, are you interested in learning about how you can participate in IGNITE’s activities, events and polish your working skills with your student union? Check out our social media and website for updates on part-time jobs, resources and everything student-life! Turn on those notifications folks!

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