Have you completed your election checklist?

It’s time to make a difference. If you’re reading these words, congratulations on taking the initiative to learn more about becoming an IGNITE Director who will make a lasting impact on your campus.

But after all, this is a job. And like any other job posting, it comes with some requirements. Knowing what it takes will not only make the process faster, but also help you figure out what you’ll be doing during nominations, campaigning, and as a successfully-elected director.

Make sure to satisfy these qualifications before you proceed further:

Studies come first

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We know that there’s more than just a good GPA to make a qualifying candidate. But, you need to maintain your academic position to run for the IGNITE Board of Directors. Specifically, you must:

  • Be a full-time student
  • Be in good standing (not on academic probation)
  • Have completed at least one semester in a post-secondary program (either at Humber College, University of Guelph-Humber or another school)

Gotta collect ’em all

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As a student leader, you’ll be representing all the students on your campus. So, you need to make them know that you’re the right one to lead.

Candidates, based on where they are currently studying, will need to collect some signatures from students from their campus. Here’s how many signatures you need:

  • UofGH: 50
  • International Graduate School: 50
  • Lakeshore: 75
  • North: 75

Mark your calendar

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Just like when you do your assignments, you need to know the deadlines.

This helps you arrange your time more effectively. In the long run, you learn what needs to be prioritized and what can take a back seat. Sounds familiar? You’re practicing your time management and decision-making skills, two of the attributes that define a leader.

All the important dates are available on the IGNITE Election page. Bookmark it!

Know thyself

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So far, you have an outstanding academic record, and you may even collect more signatures than required. But, you’ll also need to answer this question: What do you bring to the table?

By becoming a student leader, you will be the bridge between students and IGNITE. Your decision will affect how the organization represents the student body. Some principles used to assess candidates include:

  • Merit: skills and experiences that the candidate brings to the Board
  • Diversity: of background, skills, and experience
  • Strategic direction: capacity to assist IGNITE in achieving its strategic direction
  • Integrity: the candidate’s commitment to the values and principles of public service

Make sure to go through all the relevant resources

IGNITE Board of Directors page


Of course, this is just some of the information you need to know before submitting your nomination for the IGNITE Election.

You can go to IGNITE Election web page to download and submit your nomination package which has all the information about this year’s election, including your specific responsibilities, compensation, and time commitment.

You can also check out the work of last year’s Board of Directors here. It’s a good idea to do some research and get in touch with them to understand this role.

Remember, whether you get the position or not, every attempt is a lesson to learn. And that brings you one step closer on the journey to becoming the leader you desire to be. I hope the IGNITE Election will be the most memorable experience in your post-secondary life. Best of luck y’all!

Still have questions about the election? We’re here to help!

Feature photo by Brusk Dede on Unsplash

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