FIGHT for your rights.

We’ve got the power to make a change.

If you haven’t already heard, the Doug Ford government recently announced changes regarding OSAP.

This is what the Ford government is planning to do:

  • Change the grant-to-loan ratio to a minimum of 50% loans.
  • Eliminate free tuition and focus grants on only the lowest-income students.
  • Reduce the family income standard to make it harder for students to receive grants.
  • Eliminate the former six-month grace period after graduation, forcing students to pay immediately following graduation.
  • Cut tuition costs by 10%.

These are the problems:

  • Low-income families DEPEND on OSAP to be able to afford tuition fees.
  • Interest will be charged promptly after graduation. This fails to acknowledge the fact that some students may not find and secure a job immediately after graduating.
  • The 10% tuition cut is not as good as it seems. With Ontario having the highest tuition rates in all of Canada, it is still intangible for low-income students to be able to pay for tuition considering the OSAP cuts.
  • The OSAP cuts will make it nearly impossible for students living on residence or renting near school to be able to manage high tuition fees, and high rent costs.
  • These cuts will endanger many of the services IGNITE offers as well as the jobs of hundreds of our employees.


Crowd of protestors holding signs in front of building
Image Courtesy of Students for Ontario


These changes risk so much for students and we will not stand for it. Not only will these changes put students in higher debt, but it will likely put thousands of students’ education in jeopardy. Many students depend on grants to be able to afford the high costs that come along with studying. This includes, but is not limited to, personal costs, rent costs, food costs, tuition fees, and textbook costs. Without the help that was given under the former Liberal government, it’s unrealistic to expect low-income students to be able to pay these fees.

Doug Ford is putting our future at risk.

He is putting our lives at risk.

He is putting Canada at risk.


These things don’t NEED to happen. We’re fighting for YOUR rights, but we need your help.

We’ve taken initiative and have mailed a letter to Doug Ford and his government educating them on the repercussions of these changes. We’re also collecting postcards that we urge you to fill out, explaining how these changes will negatively affect YOUR life. You can fill them out at the IGNITE offices at your campus and they will be sent directly to the Premier’s office.


But that’s not all you can do to help, we need to do more.

We ARE the future of this country. Without the financial aid many of us are currently receiving, students in need will likely have to drop out. Is that what we want for our country? For the future? How can we help Canada become a better place for years to come if we aren’t given the fair chance to study and make something of ourselves?

On Feb. 4, join us at the March for Students’ Rights and help protest against the unfair and unsustainable changes the Ford government is planning on making.

The march will take place at Queen’s Park, running from 12 p.m.- 3 p.m. and we NEED you to be there. Even if you can’t stay for the entire duration of the march, stop by and show your support. We’ll be meeting at University Ave and Armoury St, and marching from there to Queen’s Park. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring anyone and everyone. Make signs, chant and make your voice be heard. We can’t let the Conservative government get away with this. The only way we can stop Ford from ruining the lives of many is by taking a stance against him.

It’s time for us to join together and fight for our rights. It’s in our hands.

Together, we CAN do this.


Need a sign to take to the march? Pop by for our sign making events whenever works best for you!


Thursday, Jan 31 | 10AM – 2PM

North Campus LRC | Lakeshore L Building

Friday, Feb 1 | 10AM – 2PM

North Campus Student Centre | Lakeshore L Building


Can’t make the march, but still want to help? Stop by the IGNITE offices and fill out one of the postcards we are sending to the premier.

Tweet @fordnation and let him know how this will affect you!

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