Make a difference.

IGNITE fosters a community where students are the leaders. Each year, it’s students who advocate for the positive changes we see on campus today.

This year, passionate students are aiming to become your next Board of Directors to continue making your campus a better one.

Not sure who to vote for yet? Get to know some of your Guelph-Humber campus candidates and learn how they want to change YOUR life on campus:

Stefan Thomas | Family and Community Social Services | Third Year | Toronto

How do you plan on changing life on campus?

I strongly believe that at the end of four years, every student should be able to say that their experience in post-secondary was fulfilling and life-changing. My aim as a student is to leave a lasting impact wherever I go and I pride myself on trying to help those that I come in contact with experience a greater level of joy, happiness, and fulfillment in any way possible.

Thus, I hope to change lives on my campus by showing up every day and actively voicing the opinions of my fellow peers in attempts to initiate positive change. In order to effectively do this, I plan on engaging with students on a daily basis by constantly asking for their opinions, and by remaining reliable, relatable, transparent, and approachable at all times. As a potential director, I will use my natural ability to advocate for others, the skills I’ve gained through my program, and my outgoing personality. With the help and support of my fellow peers, we will make our voices be heard and we will make the difference we want to see!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I don’t know how to ride a bike, but I definitely know how to swim!

Megan Roopnarine | Media Studies (PR) | Third Year | Etobicoke

How do you plan on changing life on campus?

I plan on changing lives by continuing to be an advocate for the Guelph-Humber student body. Through my involvement with IGNITE, I am inspired and motivated by every single one of our students here on campus. By listening to your ideas, thoughts, and concerns I believe we can collectively inspire change and bring amazing opportunities to campus.

I am proud to call myself a current leader on campus and I believe the work I’ve done as Vice-President so far has allowed me to help inspire change already. With my experience, motivation, and drive I’m ready to influence IGNITE in a positive manner and evaluate our strategic plan. As a Board Director, I will make sure that all opportunities, workshops, and events have the Guelph-Humber student’s best interest in mind. I will also make sure that all have been executed with an approved budget that has been fair and strategically planned.

I believe in our school and I believe in our students! I’m excited to share our voice and be the best I can be for Guelph-Humber.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

In the eighth grade, I won the award in our yearbook for the “funniest laugh.” Take that as you will, but in case you need a smile on your face this week or you happen to have some bad jokes…come find me!


*All candidates were provided an equal opportunity to submit answers.*

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