The results are in…

Between the forums and colourful campaign posters, it has definitely been an exciting election season at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber. This couldn’t have happened without your commitment as voters and students. But now the wait is over and it’s time to announce IGNITE’s new executive team.

IGNITE 2018/2019 executive team


Introducing IGNITE’s 2018/2019 Executive Team


Monica Khosla

Vice President North Campus:

Jeremy Largo Afonso

Vice President Lakeshore Campus:

Graham Budgeon

Vice President Guelph- Humber Campus:

Maheen Nazim

Board of Directors North:

Tashornna Simpson
Rohit Sharma
Shayan Shakil
Parth Amin

Board of Directors Lakeshore:

Margarita Bader
Nisha Haroon
Christian Semerjian

Board of Directors Guelph-Humber:

Kevin Siery
Saffiya Lulat

Congratulations to the new execs! We can’t wait to see what plans you have for IGNITE in the next year. For those who didn’t make it thank you for running – you helped make this election season exciting. There are also so many ways to get involved in the upcoming year. Your commitment to the school doesn’t have to end here.

If you want to know more about what the execs do, check out our Behind the Scenes with IGNITE!

IGNITE 2018/2019 Board of Directors
IGNITE 2018/2019 Board of Directors. Kevin Siery (left), Christian Semerjian, Nisha Haroon, Margarita Bader, Tashornna Simpson,Shayan Shakil, and Parth Amin (right)

The breakdown:

More students came out to vote during this year’s IGNITE elections. Voting week had a total of 8,489 student votes compared to 7,051 last year. This means that almost 30% (28.3%) of the school voted, compared to last year’s 23.5%. Here’s the full breakdown for each candidate:


Monica Khosla (4070)
Allisa Lim (3956)
Abstain (463)

Vice President – North Campus

Jeremy Largo Afonso (1557)
Jason Hyatt (1461)
Kuljeet Singh (1397)
Abstain (226)

Vice President – Guelph- Humber

Maheen Nazim (412)
Rose Bonello (297)
Harry Carlisle Swindall (279)
Abstain (30)

Vice President – Lakeshore

Graham Budgeon (1194)
Joshua Davenport (789)
Layna Lubimiv (485)
Khatira Mahmoodi (268)
Abstain (69)

Board of Directors – North Campus

Tashornna Simpson (1097)
Rohit Sharma (897)
Shayan Shakil (819)
Parth Amin (731)
Ehinomen Idialu (622)
Md Asaduzzaman (211)
Abstain (259)

Board of Directors – Guelph-Humber

Kevin Siery (204)
Saffiya Lulat (201)
Raakave Gunasekaram (136)
Kendrick Tran (125)
Amelia Savoie (106)
Michaela Wong (78)
Nikki Sandhu (77)
Niveedhika Ketheeswaranathan (58)
Abstain (33)

Board of Directors – Lakeshore

Margarita Bader (921)
Nisha Haroon (411)
Christian Semerjian (397)
Ostap Pavliuk (393)
Vincent Logut (298)
Mushfiq Mawla (270)
Abstain (112)

Check out IGNITE’s Events page because there is still so much you can do before the year is over.