Back to the old stomping grounds.

School is over and summer is among us. For those that moved onto residence or closer to campus for school, that might mean you’re heading home for the summer.

Whether you’re excited to spend time with family over the summer months or you’re a little stressed about living at home again, it’s important to understand that there’s going to be a transition period.

You may have a different lifestyle in your own place than at home and you may have to adapt to ensure the living situation is suitable for everyone. IGNITE is here with advice on how to transition to living at home during the summer months.

Keep in mind expectations

After living away from home you’ve likely developed your own way of doing things and are used to doing them on your own time. Maybe that means you only clean your place once a month or do your dishes the following morning instead of before you go to bed. However, living with your parents again will likely mean following their expectations, at least to some degree.

So, as much as you may want to relax and “be on vacation” you’re going to have to help out with everyday tasks and adjust to the way your parents do things. Let’s be honest, it probably means you’re going to have to help out with cleaning more than you’d like, but it’s about respecting the space you’re in.

Understanding and abiding by your parents expectations may also mean respecting a curfew, which we’re sure you didn’t have when living on your own. Though it sounds quite childish, your guardian or parents simply care a lot about you and want to make sure that you’re safe.

If you can’t handle the restraints have an open discussion with your parents.

Stay positive

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We understand that everyone’s home life is different and that you may be placed in difficult situations at home. Try to stay positive and keep in mind that summer is only temporary; you’ll be back at school soon enough.

If you are having trouble at home, you can always create an appointment with IGNITE Dispute Resolution Clinic.

Open communication

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Make sure to keep open communication with your parents or those living in your house.

When you live away from home, you don’t need to be texting your parents where you are 24/7, but at home things can be different. In many cases, people in your house want to know where and how long you’ll be gone so that they know to keep the lights on.

Be ready to be embarassed

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Your parents are probably proud of you for doing great things studying away from home.

Sometimes this pride comes with mentioning it to every single person. Be prepared to hear “This is my kid and they’re home from college!” everywhere you go. Beware you may have to have random interactions with grocery shopping regulars.

Connect with hometown friends

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If you have friends back in your hometown make sure to connect with them. They have only seen you over Facetime over the past few months and we are sure they are eager to hangout! Plus, we’re sure you probably need a break from home.

No matter how long you head home for we hope these tips can make the most of your trip. And don’t worry if you’re still not loving it, you’ll be back to school in no time!

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