Representation matters!

Want your voice to be heard? Don’t worry we have you covered.

At IGNITE, we are committing to offering programs and services that target equity-deserving groups on campus. Have you heard about our Indigenous scholarship or Black Excellence scholarship?

If not, don’t worry! To measure the satisfaction of our students from these equity-deserving groups, we have created an Equity Survey, to hear your voice and receive your feedback.

Let’s learn more about it and why you should participate because representation matters!

What is the Equity Survey?

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The Equity Survey serves as a feedback form for IGNITE to hear your opinions regarding our programs and services and their relevance to equity-deserving groups. Our aim is to identify their needs and the ways in which we can best support them.

Interested in filling out this survey? Here’s everything you need to know!

The Equity Survey will be available for completion from Friday, Feb. 13 to Tuesday, Feb. 24. So, make sure, you don’t miss the deadline!

How will IGNITE use the results?

You might be wondering how IGNITE will use these results.

Well, the answer is simple, by targeting these underrepresented groups through their offerings. This includes:

  • Improving communications among equity hubs on campus to provide services and support reflective of students’ needs
  • Supporting vendors from equity-deserving groups for events and programs

Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and we are strongly committed to eliminating discrimination or barriers facing these groups. Thus far, we have made strides based on our Equity Action plan.

What is the Equity Action Plan?

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The Equity Action plan focuses on creating a more equitable and inclusive environment at IGNITE and ensuring students from equity-deserving groups are strongly supported.

Some objectives include:

  • Creating a community with an improved feeling of belonging and safety
  • Being a leader in the sector and helping others evolve and enhance their current diversity strategies

Now that you are aware of our objectives. Want to share your thoughts with us? Now is the chance!

And guess what? If you complete the survey, you will have the chance of winning a $250 gift card to specific Indigenous, LGBTQ+ or Black-owned businesses.

Help us to improve our programs and services, by tailoring them to the needs of all students.

Here’s why student representation matters.

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