She’s a role model, an entrepreneur, and a fashion queen — and she’s coming to campus.

Get ready for Iskra Lawrence.

UK-born model, Iskra Lawrence is no stranger to the social media world. You may recognize her from Aerie’s #AerieReal campaign or her Instagram account, where she shares everyday moments with over 4-million followers. Represented by JAG models and Models1, she is committed to improving women’s self-esteem and image in the media.

On March 8th, 2018, come celebrate International Women’s Day with Iskra as she takes on the North Campus for IGNITE RealTalks alongside actress Sophia Bush.

Not convinced yet? Here are 6 more reasons to get excited about Iskra:

Iskra Lawrence model photos

She’s been modelling for over 13 years

Although she’s been in the game over a decade, she wasn’t always the fiery, passionate, girl-boss she is today. She began modelling at age thirteen and was dropped from her first agency for her hip size.

Iskra's self-love mantra

She wants self-love education in school systems

Iskra is on a mission to establish a combination of mental health and body image curriculum in the school system. With so many young people struggling with comparing themselves, she wants everybody to know the harsh truths of the fashion industry and just how heavily retouched photos are.

Did we mention she wants the term, “plus-size,” removed from the fashion industry?

Iskra's untouched photos

She never retouches her photos

With over 4 million Instagram followers, Iskra is proud to never Photoshop her photos.

Although social media provides us with many opportunities to represent different body types, it can be destroying with the popularity of apps like Facetune and Photoshop which seamlessly allow us to alter and airbrush our bodies.

Iskra Lawrence gives TedTalk at University of Nevada

She’s done a TedTalk

In January 2017, she spoke at the University of Nevada’s TEDx on self-care, body-positivity, and the effects of social media on our self-image.

She opened up about the reality of eating disorders, and the shocking truths about the advertising and fashion industry.

Watch the whole TEDx presentation.

Iskra Lawrence's YouTube Channel videos

She has a YouTube channel

Iskra takes her passion of self-love and body image to the next level on her YouTube channel where she posts videos such as Exposing Model Poses, Dealing with Jealously, Why We Need to Stop Photoshop and more.

Check out her YouTube channel where she has over 140,000 subscribers.

Iskra Lawrence gym workout

She’s a fitness enthusiast and works hard for her body

She’s in the gym 3 days a week and works out to be healthy, not adhere to any certain size. And she never restricts calories.


Join us for Real Talks featuring Iskra Lawrence and Sophia Bush on March 8th 2018 at the North Campus Student Centre.

Iskra speaks at 12 p.m. followed by Sophia’s presentation at 1 p.m. Each talk will follow a brief Q&A session and a Meet & Greet with both women to close the event.

You won’t want to miss these inspirational women on International Women’s Day.