“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

Warren Bennis

At IGNITE we are dedicated to enhancing the campus experience for Humber and UofGH students. We are proud to announce several key initiatives that have been implemented to improve the lives of students on campus. 

From providing bursaries to international students, to promoting a collective sense of belonging, IGNITE is committed to making campus life more affordable and inclusive for everyone.

We are thrilled to share these changes with our fellow students and look forward to continuing to work towards creating a better campus experience.

IGNITE’s Board of Directors are students who were elected by you to represent your interests. Here are some initiatives they played a role in.


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One of the most significant changes made by IGNITE is the provision of bursaries to 95 international students. These bursaries helped alleviate the financial burden faced by these students, allowing them to focus on their studies.

Bigger team

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This year there were changes made to the IGNITE bylaws. The change was to add a representative to the Board of Directors (BOD) from the IGS campus.

This will increase the number of representatives on the BOD from nine to ten, providing students with greater representation and a stronger voice in the decision-making process at Humber College and the University Guelph-Humber.

Fiona Mahadeo, one of the BOD’s, says that this was one of the many achievements she and the team are proud they were able to bring to life.

Future planning

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Recently, IGNITE has allocated a significant amount of funding to support financial relief programs and student initiatives.

This includes $ 45,000 for financial relief programs and $35,000 for initiatives and bursaries that provide free parking or meals to students. 

This will provide much-needed support to students who are struggling financially, allowing them to fully participate in campus life.

Students’ well being and success is important to IGNITE and YOU can be part of future positive changes. We highly encourage all of you to run for the upcoming elections. Stay tuned for more information!

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