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Do you have something on your mind about your program and are wondering who to chat with? You’re looking for Academic Program Representatives!

The IGNITE Academic Program Representatives (APR) are the bridge between students and their faculty, easing the communication and making sure your thoughts are heard.

APRs are right in the mix at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber. They listen to what’s buzzing in their immediate student community and gather up those thoughts. Then, they team up with the college to tackle and sort out any issues.

Your concerns won’t just be heard, they’ll be worked on and solved!

If you think being an APR is for you, apply today, the applications are currently open.

Here are some of the main duties and benefits of being an APR:

Collect and analyze student feedback

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Throughout the year, you’ll be sitting with students in your faculty to hear and analyze their feedback. No one knows better what’s good and what needs a little boost than students, and you’ll be getting this information right from the source.

Feedback is very welcome and necessary across educational institutions, and collecting it can help you improve how students and faculty connect, levelling up academic outcomes and your faculty performance.

Attend Curriculum Committee meetings

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At Curriculum Committee meetings, you get to bring the feedback you gathered from your peers and present them straight to faculty representatives.

This isn’t just any meeting. It’s your chance to discuss what matters to the students and address them in collaboration with the faculty. This is your crucial opportunity to advocate on behalf of your peers.

Plus, it will help you develop communication, public speaking skills and meeting skills as you’ll be in close contact with faculty representatives.

Write a transition report

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As the semester wraps up and your term as an APR comes to an end, you’re asked to write a transition report.

In your transition report, you have to outline what was done during your time as an APR and important information for the next person who will take your position. This serves as a guide to the next APR who will step into your shoes, helping them to have a smooth transition into the role.

This will help you to put your organizational skills into practice while transferring them into your writing. 

Attend meetings with the Manager of Leadership & Advocacy

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Of course, IGNITE will support you during your time as an APR to help you excel in your role.

You’ll attend check-in meetings with Kristine Galvan, IGNITE’s Manager, Leadership & Advocacy. These meetings will keep you informed about your responsibilities and provide a chance to ask questions or seek assistance if you need it.

This will encourage you to improve your listening skills, a crucial aspect for building strong bonds between you and your peers.

Are you ready to advocate on behalf of your faculty?

The applications for Academic Program Representative are now open! Explore the available positions and learn all about this amazing opportunity.

By stepping into this role, you’ll be supporting your peers and making a real impact on the academic community. It’s also a fantastic chance to take your post-secondary experience to another level! 

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