Career Success

Career Success Become the photographer of your dreams

Know the rules, angles and basics of photography

Career Success Turn an internship into a job offer

7 absolute tips to

Career Success 5 places to volunteer this summer

Staff from IGNITE smiling and working at an event.

Career Success Best tips for overcoming post-interview anxiety

Worried you didn't get the job? Here's what you can do.

Career Success Want to land the perfect job? We have the solution!

Job Hunting 101

Career Success LinkedIn Learning is free at Humber!

Run to access LinkedIn for free!

Career Success Women entrepreneurs in the biz world!

Taking over, one firm at a time

Career Success IGNITE Hiring Day

Work at IGNITE!

Career Success Trending books on TikTok you should read

Discover page-turners that are going viral!

Career Success A year since GLOW

Let's glow once again!

Career Success Make learning fun this winter break

Top 10 free internet learning resources

Career Success Here's how you can ace the semester by being organized

IGNITE your studies

Career Success Internship Spotlight: Emiliano Laing, Justice studies

Go in with an open mind

Career Success The benefits of maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace

Get started by knowing the benefits.

Career Success Things to consider before taking your graduation photos 

3,2,1 say cheese!!

Career Success Networking 101

Your guide to help you start your networking journey

Career Success The do's and don'ts of creating a standout portfolio

Take that next step for your future career.

Career Success Jessie Reyez on success, mental health and support systems

IGNITE Real Talks

Career Success How to slay your next big job interview

Follow this checklist

Career Success 3 fun hobbies that can help you land your dream job

Turn your passion into paycheques!

Career Success 5 proactive strategies you need to learn

Enhance your personal development today!

Career Success How to make the most of your textbooks and get good grades

How to make the most of your textbooks to get good grades

Career Success Exam season: tips on how to ace your finals

Let the finals countdown begin!

Career Success 4 Canadian artists you should add to your playlist

Vibe to something new.

Career Success 5 proven ways to overcome procrastination

5 proven ways to overcome procrastination

Career Success Why hands-on learning is the future of success

Practice makes you perfect!

Career Success Breaking through the success ceiling: What it takes to reach the top

Time to level-up!

Career Success The socially awkward student's guide to networking

Converse while being you.

Career Success 8 tips for dealing with pre-class nervous jitters

Don't worry, it's not as scary as it seems.

Career Success The student guide to creating a portfolio website

Fancy and professional.

Career Success 6 essential pieces for a professional wardrobe

Shoes, shirt and a nice blazer.

Career Success These 5 phrases might be making you sound less confident

It's time to unlearn

Career Success Here's your guide to informational interviews

It's not as hard as you think

Career Success How to prepare for fall classes during the summer months

It’s back to school season…time to prepare. As much as we like to forget about school while enjoying our summer, a little preparation can’t hurt. The start of a new…

Career Success Green and red flags to look for when checking out a new workplace

Do your research!

Career Success A step-by-step guide to overcoming your creative block

I might be easier than you think

Career Success How to maintain professionalism on social media

Social media is fun, but where do we draw the line? By this point, it’s pretty much common knowledge that employers will Google your name and peruse your social media…

Career Success Want to write better for school? Follow these tips

Spell check is a must.

Career Success 7 business card designs that are simply genius

Leave a memorable impression

Career Success Root Works Studios is the perfect place for youth

Look no further

Career Success 7 essential skills you learn working in retail

Take advantage of your time in the industry

Career Success Why Humber's library should be your summer study destination

No chores in sight.

Career Success How to set and achieve your goals when you don't know what you want

Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to set some goals!

Career Success Here are all the student expenses you can write off on your taxes

Time to save some money!

Career Success The 7 kinds of students in every group project

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” Idowu Koyenikan One thing almost every program has in common is…

Career Success How working at IGNITE helped me land my dream job

Fuel your ambitions.

Career Success Don't abandon your passion project while in school — here's why

"It's almost done."

Career Success 7 questions you should ask yourself before changing programs

Sometimes you don’t have everything figured out on your first try. So, you think you made the wrong choice in picking a program? That’s okay. Don’t stress. Take into consideration…

Career Success Introducing the IGNITE GLOW Scholarship

Funding careers in community development.

Career Success 8 helpful LinkedIn features you hadn't heard of 'til now

Features for days.

Career Success Basic design skills students in any program should know

"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well."-Brian Reed

Career Success Here's how taking a gap year can help your future success

The future is bright!

Career Success Should I quit my job? 7 reasons it might be time to move on

You need to close some doors to open others

Career Success The smart student's guide to setting SMART goals

It's time to start the year off right!

Career Success It's harder getting hired now than 20 years ago—here's why

Some things you can't control.

Career Success #learnontiktok will get you excited about strengthening your skills

New year. New skills.

Career Success 8 popular jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago


Career Success The fail-proof guide to nailing the post-interview followup

Bring it home.

Career Success Seizing career success with master comedian Tiffany Haddish

She ready.

Career Success What are soft skills and how can you use them to succeed?

Spoiler alert: they have nothing to do with teddy bears.

Career Success Is that company the right workplace for you? Here's how to tell.

Evaluate what you want.

Career Success Here's how to make your resumé stand out from the crowd

What are you waiting for? Perfect your resumé today! Applying for a job can be a long process. And, whether you’re applying for your dream social media job or a part-time gig, there’s…

Career Success Here's why Tiffany Haddish should be your favourite comedian

A non-exhaustive list of reasons.

Career Success Does getting good grades *really* matter for your future?

A student strife as old as time.

Career Success Shopping for school supplies: Then VS now

Back to school it is!

Career Success Virtual study habits that will be useful on campus, too

Developing good study habits will take you far!

Career Success How to steer clear of 6 common first-year exam mistakes

You can do it!

Career Success 6 ways to make back-to-school shopping easier

If it's not on sale, I don't want it.

Career Success The student guide to a mistake-free internship-hunting session

Don't sell yourself short.

Career Success How the heck are you supposed to buy clothes anymore?

Sustainably stylish.

Career Success 5 things you got totally wrong about summer internships

Getting it done in the sun.

Career Success The fail-proof guide to writing professional emails

Inbox (1).

Career Success Here's how you can determine your work style

Because you'll be asked about it eventually.

Career Success 14 things you can do instead of worrying about school supplies

So much free headspace.

Career Success Ghosted during your job search? You're not alone

“Stop choosing what isn’t choosing you.” There’s no better feeling than walking away from a job interview feeling totally confident. You researched the company, highlighted your top skills, and vibed…

Career Success Ruth E. Carter on style, storytelling and success

"Facing the challenges lets you know that they're not as scary as you thought."

Career Success Surviving a strike, the SCI, and pandemic - all in 4 years

As we go on, we remember...

Career Success INDY Design is a force to be reckoned with — here's why

“Don’t think you need a fancy logo to get started doing the work that actually matters to you.” Isabel Bowman When we think of an entrepreneur, we often picture multi-millionaires…

Career Success Balancing the hustle with Sophia Amoruso

"Giving people real tools and education to go build businesses."

Career Success CCR certified opportunities to take advantage of

Working our way to the top!

Career Success 2020 graduates share their wisdom on graduating during a global pandemic

Spillin' the tea

Career Success Strange university and college courses to satisfy every interest

Sign me up!

Career Success A UofGH placement coordinator's tips on snagging your dream internship

Hello, my name is Intern!

Career Success Tax season — How to make it stress-free

It doesn’t have to be taxing.

Career Success I tested three budgeting apps - here are my thoughts

Adulting at its finest.

Career Success QUIZ: Design a movie costume and we'll describe your style

You're the main character.

Career Success How to get the perfect LinkedIn headshot

Say cheese!

Career Success Turning your passion into a business

Passion is my middle name.

Career Success A Fireside Chat with Ashley Callingbull

Embracing heritage

Career Success 5 reasons why we admire Ashley Callingbull

There's more than meets the eye.

Career Success 5 skills you can benefit from in any career

Level up your skills.

Career Success Five small ways to make your at-home study space more comfortable

Grind and unwind.

Career Success JoJo wants students to take control over their identity

"Hold on to what's yours for as long as possible."

Career Success Round two – what we learned to make next semester better

Practice makes perfect.

Career Success Student guide to online supports at Humber and Guelph-Humber

Learning online doesn’t mean you’re alone. Online learning seems simple enough—that is until Blackboard decides to breakdown five minutes before class starts. We’ve all been there. Online learning has some…

Career Success Seven keys to giving a great virtual presentation

“You can never run out of keys.” DJ Khaled The art of giving great presentations requires a lot of skill and practice. Presenting is nerve-wracking, especially if it’s not a…

Career Success How online learning will contribute to your career success

One step closer to #BossStatus

Career Success 5 tips to help you take notes like a pro

The pen always was mightier than the sword.

Career Success "Just start" - Tyler Oakley on success in the digital world

"Nobody has it perfect."

Career Success Justin Kan on the value of community, rejection, and patience

Think like a Twitch founder.

Career Success Five ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

Fine-tune your first impression.

Career Success The student guide to writing a perfect paper

Making your essays easy.

Career Success The 10 most inspiring "how it started vs how it's going" memes

Started from the bottom...

Career Success QUIZ: What popular video game are you?

Can I get a W in the chat?

Career Success The best early YouTube moments you nearly forgot about

Here’s the rabbit hole you want to go down.

Career Success Seven steps to mastering online lecture etiquette

The mute button is your friend.

Career Success How to ace an online interview

Because you can't shake hands through a screen.

Career Success I signed up for Skillshare and this is what I learned

Mad skills.

Career Success How to thrive in your job hunt during the pandemic

Creating new opportunities.

Career Success Our SECs talk the future of education with Ken Steele

You don't need a fortune teller to learn about the future of education.

Career Success QUIZ: Which Skillshare course is right for you?

*Olivia Newton-John voice* Let's get quizzical!

Career Success Remote interns share their best work-from-home tips

Alexa, play "Work" by Rihanna.

Career Success 5 LinkedIn learning courses for students to check out this summer

Beat the boredom!

Career Success Six tax myths you shouldn't buy into

Earn that return.

Career Success The art of prepping for a new semester—online

Love your life—online.

Career Success So, you didn't get a summer internship. Now what?

Keep your head up.

Career Success How to host the ultimate online study group

Study from the comfort of your bedroom.

Career Success How to file taxes all by yourself

Math not required.

Career Success Adulting 101 - Time Management

The time is now.

Career Success How to tackle long-distance group work

Is anybody out there?

Career Success The student guide to networking

A simple 'hello' can make a world of a difference.

Career Success 5 apps you need to organize your life

There's an app for that.

Career Success Didn't land the job? Here's how to survive rejection

A 'no' to you is not a 'no' to your future.

Career Success Employers share their thoughts on tattoos

Read this before getting a face tattoo.

Career Success 8 of the best game-show moments you forgot about

Laughs, chaos and LOTS of money.

Career Success How to Pose for Grad Photos

Strike a pose.

Career Success How volunteering can improve your personal and professional life

What are you waiting for?

Career Success The importance of a first impression

Uh, did I just say that?

Career Success 8 library services you've probably never heard of

It's not just books.

Career Success Chatting food, success, and giving back with Serge Ibaka

Shooting hoops ain't the only trick up his sleeve.

Career Success 6 ways to settle into the new semester

Let's get back to business.

Career Success 5 tips every transfer student should know

You can never be too prepared.

Career Success IGNITE student staff share their top tips for landing an internship

You can do this!

Career Success 5 exam study hacks that actually work

No more late-night crams.

Career Success 5 things we learned from IGNITE's fall LinkedIn Local

Future skills development at its finest.

Career Success The 5 skills you need to get ahead in life

Do you have what it takes?

Career Success 6 ways to stand out on LinkedIn as a student

Give your profile a much-needed boost.

Career Success The 6 best apps to keep you organized this year

A productive student is a happy student.

Career Success Best on-campus resources for first-year students 

Great tips that will help you through the year.

Career Success Your guide to getting yourself ready for back to school

Are you ready, kids?

Career Success Tips for dressing for your internship when the summer heat hits

Step away from the flip-flops.

Career Success What working in public relations in Toronto is really like

Leave your ego at the door.

Career Success Take the fear out of job hunting with these 6 tips

Get it.

Career Success 6 tips to brand yourself

Influence in the right way.

Career Success 6 tips for making a great resume

Let's get that interview.

Career Success 5 things you never knew you could claim for taxes

Death and Taxes.

Career Success 7 networking tips to land your dream job

Here's the tea on networking.

Career Success A seasoned media expert’s advice to students: A chat with Matte Babel

Get the tea from the man himself.

Career Success Van Lathan's advice for overcoming adversity

He's putting it straight.

Career Success Your guide to being an organized student in 2019

Now's the time.

Career Success How to choose your BEST course schedule yet

Make this semester different.

Career Success 5 tips for surviving a group project

Help is on the way.

Career Success 5 secret tips I live by to ace essays

Follow these 5 tips for the best essay ever!

Career Success I tried 6 study apps — here's what happened

I tested out 6 awesome study apps so you don't have to!

Career Success Your checklist for the first day of class

First days aren't so bad.

Career Success Graduation day checklist

3. Practice tossing your hat in the air.

Career Success Interview with Hasan Minhaj

No, he's not Nicki Minaj's brother.

Career Success How to use tax season to your advantage

Taxes don't have to be scary - here's how you can own them.

Career Success 5 things students need to know about taxes

Every student needs to know these 5 things about their taxes

Career Success 6 ways to boost your employability

Stuck in the job hunt? Check out these 6 tips to stand out!

Career Success Ultimate Final Exam Study Guide

In no time that sweet summer freedom will be all yours. First, you will need to conquer those finals.

Career Success 7 tips for a stand-out resume

Applying for jobs? No need to panic. With these tips your resume will be on point.

Career Success 5 tips for finding the perfect internship

Here's how to find the perfect internship

Career Success Interview with Dalton Higgins

Learn more about Dalton Higgins, the man behind the mic.

Career Success The ultimate student study guide

Learn how to study effectively and efficiently.

Career Success Study tips to ace your midterms

Have confidence going into midterms with these 4 study tips!

Career Success 5 must-know tips to stay on track this year

School is tough; we can help you through it.

Career Success Surviving your first year of college and university

School can be overwhelming. That's why we've come up with ways to help you be prepared for the new year.

Career Success Humber & Guelph-Humber students talk life as a summer intern

"My advice to others would be to ask as many questions as possible and try and get involved in as many things as possible."

Career Success What to wear to graduation

Check out our tips on what to wear to graduation!

Career Success What advice would you give to First Year Students?

Don't doubt yourself, and never be afraid to ask questions.

Career Success Advice from 2017 grads

Check out the great advice that graduating students have to offer!

Career Success 5 tips for talking to your prof

Need help talking to your prof? We've got you covered!

Career Success 7 networking tips for students

Have someone in mind that you want to network with? Find our how to get their attention with our 7 networking tips!

Career Success Interview with Suli Breaks

Life is full of graduations so make the most of the experiences you're currently going through.

Career Success 7 ways to make a good first impression during an interview

Thinking of applying for an internship? Here's 7 ways to make a good first impression with potential employers.

Career Success Starting school in January? 6 Things to keep in mind.

Check out our tips if you're starting school this winter!

Career Success 7 browser hacks to survive finals

We compiled a list of some of our favourite browser extensions for busy students; take a look.

Career Success Where do you study best? 10 students tell IGNITE

Find out where students like to study!

Career Success Study tips for students

Your mind will be in a good place if your body is in the right space.

Career Success Grad photos: DOs and DON'Ts

Make sure your grad photos are nothing short of perfect with these tips!

Career Success Brett Dalton's advice for students

It can be a lot of fun if it’s something you truly love, thankfully I’ve found something I love and I get paid to do it. I truly believe that hard work beats raw talent.

Career Success Frosh 2016: Interview with Boi-1da

Find out what this Grammy-winning producer has to say on Toronto rappers and the best piece of advice he has for students today.

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