It’s about time we give women the attention they deserve.

Even though women entrepreneurs in today’s world have it a lot better than their past counterparts, the struggle to prove their capabilities still prevails. 

However, some visionaries have managed to sneak through the world’s grime and make strides with their hard work, passion and perseverance.

Let’s start with where it all began and how women may slowly and steadily take over the world. (As they should!) 

Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe

Photo Courtesy – Mandy’s Salads website

Meet the salad sisters from our very own Montreal!

Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe started Montreal’s first ever ‘create-your-own-salad-bar’ in 2004, inside a women’s clothing store.

Having no prior experience in the food or marketing industry, the never-ending love for vegetables was their start point!

Both the sisters stuck to their own strengths. Mandy came up with a delicious original menu of intriguing salad recipes where as Rebecca played the part of an interior designer and brand manager.

Today, Mandy’s is ‘The spot’ for gourmet salads and instragam-worthy meet ups!

With locations across Montreal and now, even Toronto, the Salad Sisters are taking over the vegetable world!

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe herd smiling
Photo CourtesyKristen Kilpatrick Photography, Whitney Wolfe Heard

Whitney is the proud co-founder and CEO of not only the ever-famous Bumble, but also the growing Baddoo. Both dating apps are the reason introverts are surviving in today’s world. 

No other than Whitney could be more of an icon for women’s empowerment. She wanted to create an app where women take the lead and decide to make the first move. They are the queen bees of their life.

Here are some powerful words Whitney believes in when it comes to being underestimated.

“People generally don’t know how to see things that don’t exist yet, so you just have to believe in yourself.”

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins Smiling
Photo courtesy – CNBC article

Melanie is the whole reason we can survive through presentations and college projects!

She came up with the idea of Canva when she was 19 and tutoring students. It was at that moment that she realized how complicated, yet expensive design software was.

The trek to making Canva as huge as it is now wasn’t easy. She had to handle years and years of rejections before she could get it to where it is today.

But we are all thankful she made it!

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel smiling
Photo courtesy – Wikipedia

Coco Chanel was born during the wrong era, but she said never mind!

Coco grew up during a time when women were expected to be full-covered, polite and respectful with their clothes. However, Coco had other plans. She wanted to bring a change in the fashion world. Classy garments that were still easy to wear.

She was rebellious yet influential with her designs, possibly the reason why she ruled the fashion industry for a good six decades. After all, she did build an entire fashion empire, and we‘re here for it!

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi smiling
Photo courtesy – The Hindu business line

Indra Nooyi was the first woman entrepreneur of colour and the first immigrant to lead a Fortune 50 company. She began her career as a business strategist in a British textile firm. Then, she worked as a product manager at Johnson and Johnson and introduced sanitary pads to India!

At age of 34, she joined Pepsico and was fundamental in their global strategy. However, within a few years she became the company’s CEO. Indra has been openly vocal about the excessive expectations people have from women in lead roles.

You could read her book ‘My Life in Full’ to know more about it.

The list of women marching through, breaking stereotypes and establishing their capabilities go on! From glossier to Spanx to Youtube, even up to Heineken women are taking the lead!

In the month of March, let’s salute these women and hope that the generation today only adds to the list!

You or your friend might be next!

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