“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.

Benjamin Franklin

The semester is well underway and there’s so much going on.

With upcoming assignments and exams around the corner, you might be feeling a little frustrated. But, what if I told you, there’s a solution to your problem? Now, I’m not saying all of your tasks will suddenly disappear, but I am saying that staying organized could help.

To ensure the remainder of the semester is easier to navigate, here are some ways to be organized.

Review your critical paths

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Are you constantly reviewing your class’ critical path/syllabus? If not, go ahead and take a look.

Your critical path is the key to staying organized and acing the semester!

Not only does it highlight the modules that will be covered, but it also includes the due dates for assignments and quizzes as well as the dates of your exams. So, ensure you keep tabs on your critical path!

Create a realistic schedule

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Scheduling might sound like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be.

After reviewing your critical path, create a schedule that you can stick to. For example, if Tuesdays are your busiest days, ensure that you’re not adding too many assignments to your plate or else your Tuesdays will be more draining than usual.

Set up a calendar

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Setting up a calendar is the perfect way to see the big picture of the semester.

If you like a digital calendar, apps like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook are useful for adding due dates, deadlines and even for scheduling your classes. You can also set reminders, and even create recurring events.

However, if you prefer using a physical planner, you can always add the important dates there too!

Keep your notes organized

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Who likes messy notes? I know I don’t.

As college students, note-taking is an essential part of our routine. And having clear and organized notes makes it easier to prepare for exams and complete assignments. Regardless of your note-taking method, ensure they are organized and easy to understand.

Buy the necessary learning essentials

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Do you need a scientific calculator for your course? If you do, you definitely need to get one!

To avoid feeling stressed when completing your assignments, it’s important to get all the learning essentials you need. And if you’re already on a time crunch, having all the right essentials is necessary to meet your deadlines so you can ace the semester!

To avoid breaking the bank, IGNITE is here to help! Our Learning Essentials Support financial service helps to cover the cost of your program’s learning essentials per academic year. Some of the essentials covered by LES include:

  • Software
  • Equipment such as cosmetic kits and uniforms
  • Training and professional memberships

Do you know if you’re eligible for LES? If you don’t, it’s really simple to verify by checking if your program requires learning essentials.

Once you know if you are eligible, you can apply directly through the myHumber portal. Applications are already open, so hurry!

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