Work hard, play hard!

According to the Phineas and Ferb theme song, “there are 104 days of summer vacation.”

It’s the best time to plan staycations or adventures like Phineas and his crew. Maybe you can rent an Airbnb for the weekend or go to a concert featuring your favourite artist.

Although it’s a good idea to soak up the sun, you can use these summer months to earn extra cash too. Here are some summer jobs that might be worth applying for.

Ride operator

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I’m sure everyone is planning to take a trip to Wonderland this summer. After all, what’s not to love? Just think about the fantastic rides and all the delicious food!

To manage the large crowds, it’s only fair to hire more employees. Remember, safety comes first. As such, they will be hiring ride operators to ensure riders are safe and secure. And ready for take off. They are also responsible for controlling the equipment for starting and stopping the rides.

If you like working in a fun environment, then this is the job for you!


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Wet N Wild, Logos Land, you name it. All of these waterparks are open for the summer. Do you know what that means? Job opportunities!

For smooth operations, all waterparks need lifeguards. Essentially, you’d be responsible for supervising all areas to maintain safety. And if there’s an emergency, you can dive in and save the day.

But, don’t think you can apply right off the bat. First, you must be certified by completing courses such as:

Summer camp counsellor

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Are you interested in building your soft skills? Say less.

As a summer camp counsellor, you’re in charge of working with kids and teenagers. Sounds like a cool gig right? Not only are you leading outdoor activities, but also building your leadership skills too. Some of the roles include:

  • Creating daily schedules
  • Resolving conflicts among campers
  • Treating injuries

And guess what? Campers are likely to see you as their role model. As such, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives.

Keep in mind since you’re working with kids, you must have CPR and First Aid certifications. That way, you can help in case of emergencies.

Sales associate

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Did somebody say discounts? Well, that’s one of the perks of working in retail.

Popular stores like Zara, H&M and Gap always hire sales associates for the summer. We’re sure you can find a store that fits your style!

Working as a sales associate means going the extra mile for customers. As the role involves offering excellent services to drive sales and keep customers happy it’s important that you like talking to people.

It’s also important to consider if the schedule of a sales associate will meet your needs. With such a busy season ahead, you’re likely to work weekends and holidays.


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Patios are now open! And everyone is rushing to book their outdoor experiences.

Right now, restaurants are extremely busy and I’m sure they will need a few extra hands on deck. Now, it’s your chance to shine.

There are so many skills to learn within the food and beverage industry. Besides, those tips will come in handy.

It’s summer time! The best time of the year. You can go on fun adventures or travel. However, it’s the perfect opportunity to earn some cash. Plus, grow your savings too!

But, before you start applying, polish those resumes and cover letters. That way, you’re one step closer to making some money!

Don’t hesitate and apply for these summer jobs!

Get in the groove by fulfilling this summer bucket list.

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