What are you waiting for? Perfect your resumé today!

Applying for a job can be a long process. And, whether you’re applying for your dream social media job or a part-time gig, there’s one thing you’ll inevitably need: a resumé.  

Unfortunately, though, most resumés consist of the same format, style and language; it can be difficult to make your resumé stand out from the pile of other applicants. But IGNITE is here with tips to give you an edge!

By following this guide, you’ll have the confidence to drop off resumés anywhere and land the job of your dreams. 

Tailor your resumé to the job

In other words, don’t use the exact same resumé for each job application. 

It can be tempting, as you may have perfected it, but each job is different and requires a unique skill set.  

Put your most relevant work experience — that is, the experience pertaining most closely to the position— at the top. For example, if you’re applying for a position as a daycare worker, place information on childcare jobs you’ve worked (like a summer camp leader) front and centre.

Pam from "The Office" says, "My resume can fit on a post-it note."

Hyperlink your LinkedIn profile  

Sometimes you can’t fit all your work on your resumé. But by including your LinkedIn, employers can learn more about you and see if you have mutual connections.

(Trust us, it’s a lot easier to get a job if you know someone.)

A cat types on a computer.

Keep it concise

It’s great to have a lot of work experience and skills on your resumé, but make sure you’re not just listing things to fill space.

Try to fill it with relevant experience from the past few years instead of stuffing in every single experience since middle school.

Gordon Ramsey says, "Just describe the bloody dish."

Cater your formatting to fit the brand 

Emily Vu was a college student with high ambitions to work at Spotify (yes, that Spotify) post-grad.

So, she designed her resumé like a playlist on the platform; everything from the colour schemes to the font was in line with the brand.

Vu ended up tweeting her resumé and tagging @spotify. To her surprise, she was not only connected with the Spotify hiring team (and later landed the position) but she was also put in touch with a Twitter recruiter. 

In short, Emily Vu got it right. Be like Emily Vu.

Emily Vu's Spotify resume.

Take professional images for LinkedIn and other social channels 

Professionalism is key when applying for your dream job.

And on that note, you’re in luck— because in partnership with the Career Centre, IGNITE is hosting free virtual headshots from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30 for Career month! Our free online photo booth allows you to take or upload photos and customize backgrounds for professional use (like your LinkedIn profile and business social handles).

A person snaps a photo.

Remember: at the end of the day, employers don’t hire resumés; they hire people. You can humanize your application by including a piece of what makes you you.

So, what are you waiting for? Test our photo booth out for yourself and make the most of your resumé!

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