Don’t be afraid to stand out

Even though we live in an increasingly digitalized world, the business card hasn’t lost its value. If you’ve started a new business or are selling products or services, you want to be accessible to your potential clients. Sure, you can post about your new venture online or create a mailing list for your newsletter, but business cards are still useful for creating a stirring first impression.

A business card contains all the useful information you need to give your potential customer after a first meeting. Not only does it contain your name, email, phone number and website, it also conveys the tone of your personal brand.

Business cards are all about design. A beautifully designed business card doesn’t only look professional but captures the attention of whoever holds it. It becomes memorable and therefore, creates awareness about your business. 

Here are seven business card designs that are simply genius:

Clear business card

Clear business card
Photo by Primoprint

Clear plastic cards are more durable and last longer than traditional paper cards. This means your clients are likely to have them for a longer time. They are unique and effective in capturing people’s attention. Plastic business cards can look and feel similar to credit cards which adds subtle value to the card and to your brand.

Glow in the dark business card

Glow in the dark business cards
Photo by Behance

Having a business card that glows in the dark is a funny and witty way of connecting with your clients. Glow in the dark cards are eye-catching and certainly make your business stand out. It breaks away from the traditional and toneless ways of communicating and adds a little fun to the design.

Pop-up business card

Pop-up business cards
Photo by Swissmiss

Pop-up business cards are another great way to distinguish your card from all others and a unique way to market your personal brand. These cards can be entertaining and playful and also list out your personal information in a creative manner. Not only does it capture attention but can also showcase your portfolio or a list of your services.

Minimalist card

Minimalist business cards
Photo by Creativevivid

If you enjoy simple and clean designs, minimalist business cards are for you. Cards with minimalistic designs give the impression of clean, straightforward and uncomplicated communication. It can be used to reflect your personal brand. These cards present straightforward and necessary information only, nothing more, nothing less.

Metal business card

Metal business card
Photo by Printing Fly

We all agree that business cards are not going out of style any time soon. So what’s the harm in going one step further? Metal business cards are a memorable way to connect with your clients. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these cards are associated with luxury and therefore add worth to your personal brand or business.

Foil business card

Holographic foil business card
Photo by Jukebox Print

Let your business card shine! Business cards made with holographic foil change colour in the light and are made with a range of rainbow coloured cards. If your business is heavily focused on colours, creating or designing, holographic foil cards may be the best option for you!

Lego business cards

Lego minifig business card
Photo by WIRED

As if we needed another reason to love Lego! When it comes to picking our favourite business card design, Lego wins. Employees at Lego get their own minifigs which have their details and contact information. Not only are these unforgettable and catchy but also guarantee that these will be kept by the client for a long time.

Business cards still have their place in today’s modern world. In addition to being the most direct marketing tool, business cards add to the first impression your client has of you. When designed suitably and used correctly, they can be extremely valuable for your personal brand.

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