Humber’s library is your (study) vacation away from home.

As they say, the library is the place to be. Perhaps Humber’s library will become your summer study destination—the go-to place to get away from all the noise and concentrate.

Haven’t considered all the wonderous advantages of Humber’s libraries? Let’s take a look!

It’s peaceful

Cartoon book open with the text "When in doubt go to the library" in a cloud with sparkles above.

Peace and quiet. The library is the ultimate study sanctuary to sit down and power through your work.

No distractions, just progress.

Just being in an academically-centered environment will give you the right atmosphere for your award winning thesis.

Studying at home can be comfy, but that comfiness can lead to distractions like scrolling through Instagram under the covers. The library will let you relax—but not too much!

There’s enough room for your study group

Saved by the Ball kids all sitting in a small room studying with textbooks.

Studying in a group can be great—but let’s face it. If you’re living in a student house, with your family or in a bachelor studio—it can get more than a little crowded. Plus, no one ever seems to want to host! Hm!

The library is your friend when it comes to housing your friends under one roof.


Man entering meeting room carrying a laptop saying "Guys, again sorry to interrupt."

Maybe you’ll head to the library when you need some alone time. No younger siblings “borrowing” your belongings and your parents won’t wander in without saying a word.

Mute your group chat, set your phone on silent and work like you’ve never worked before.

No chores in sight

Mrs. Doubtfire jumping and landing in a rockstar pose before sweeping with a broom.

Another advantage of going to Humber’s library is that your parents can’t pop in and ask you to take out the garbage. But seriously, in the library you won’t feel obligated to fold your laundry before starting your paper. Or feel the need to tidy-up mid-way into your readings.

Some chores can distract us during long tasks when we feel the need to complete something fast. Remind yourself to finish one task before starting another, stay on task and remove distractions.

Unfortunately, multitasking isn’t as productive as we thought.

Experienced librarians

Hermione Granger slamming a thick book on the desk in front of Harry Potter in the library.

Not only are there print and digital resources at the library, but there are experienced librarians who can provide research help. Such as pointing you to the right research guides and giving you tips on how to navigate databases.

Databases can be a little tricky—there’s so much information that it can be overwhelming to narrow it down.

They’ll show you the right path and can help you get started.

A chance to get back into reading

Dog reading in front of a stack of books.

Enjoy the library’s collection of contemporary reads in between your study sessions. Whether it’s a quick read or a book you’ll check out to finish at home, it’s fun to see what’s new. Plus, when’s the last time you got to browse the library shelves?

School can be busy, so reading is a great way to de-stress and work through something at your own pace. Thought about getting back into reading lately? Here’s your chance.

And that’s the final advantage of making Humber’s library your new study spot this summer. For when you need an academic environment or to escape the interruptions, visit the library and claim a seat!

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