“Everything important takes time.” -Justin Kan

As post-secondary students, it’s rare to find a serial entrepreneur and investor as relatable as Justin Kan.

From selling calendar apps on eBay to becoming the co-founder of the popular live streaming platform, Twitch, Kan’s insights on career success are undoubtedly essential. There’s much to gain for those of us who are entering the workforce or creating their own business/product.

We got to chance to sit down with Kan for Real Talks on November 4, and it didn’t take long for Kan to drop some serious wisdom on us—it’s no wonder he has a podcast!

From chatting candidly about ‘lifecasting’ with Justin.tv to opening up about rejection, there are tidbits of knowledge scattered throughout our conversation.

Get out your trusty notepad and listen in on our RealTalks with Justin Kan:

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