It’s back to school season…time to prepare.

As much as we like to forget about school while enjoying our summer, a little preparation can’t hurt. The start of a new year is approaching and the truth is you can never be over-prepared. IGNITE has your back with how to prepare for fall classes during the summer months.

Add your courses to your calender

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While you have the time, it’s great to prepare and write down all of your course material in your calendar/schedule once you’ve registered for your classes.

IGNITE would recommend trying something like a digital calendar because we understand as students schedules are ever-changing.

Start reviewing material

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As quickly as the summer breezes by sometimes it can feel like we forget everything we learned from the past year.

It can be useful to spend just a little time looking over your notes from previous courses to give your brain a refresher. You spent too much time studying just to forget everything!

Join your school’s social network

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Checking out your school’s social media pages is a great opportunity for you to stay updated with the campus community over the summer. This will make sure you don’t miss out on any important upcoming dates, like tuition deadlines or residence applications.

Following your school or student union’s social media can also help you connect with other students. We would highly recommend you give @shareignite a follow on Instagram so you never miss one of our events, giveaway opportunities or services launch!

Buy textbooks

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Take this advice with a grain of salt.

Sometimes it can be smart to buy your textbooks ahead of time as they can sell out quickly in September, but sometimes it’s best to wait for the final syllabus to make sure you get the right book. Some stores allow you to return the book if you keep it sealed, so make sure to run this at a case-by-case basis!

Apply for scholarships

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Instead of rushing at the beginning of the school year to get your scholarship applications in, prepare early! Check out Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber websites to find out what scholarships are avaliable to you.

Create a LinkedIn

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If you don’t have a LinkedIn you should create one! LinkedIn is a great opportunity for you to create connections with people who work directly in your field of study. It’s great to have a LinkedIn for the beginning of the school year so you can connect with classmates and professors on a professional level.

That’s enough thinking about school for one day! You’re still on summer break, so enjoy the time you have out in the sun! We hope that these tips will help you feel a bit more prepared for the start of the new semester.

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