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In 2021- 2022, IGNITE introduced the GLOW scholarship program. This program aims to relieve some of a student’s financial burden while they participate in a work-integrated learning opportunity.

This scholarship recognizes 13 students, one from each faculty, that participate in work-integrated learning opportunities and demonstrate their commitment to being a community game-changer.

We spoke to two of the 13 recipients from the 2021-2022 year about their experience.

Andrea Veliz Verastegui

Picture of Andrea Veliz Verastegui

Fourth year psychology student, Andrea Veliz Veraztegui interned for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health as a research trainee. She says that the experience was incredibly beneficial for her and her career. Though the internship was unpaid, she made a lot of connections throughout her term.

“Having the name on my resume was incredibly beneficial for my career,” said Veraztegui.

Her time at the centre helped her make connections and allowed her to learn what her future could look like. She recommends students look into different placement options and see what each has to offer.

The money she received from the GLOW scholarship helped her take care of herself financially. Moreover, it allowed her to focus on her learning experience and worry less about having to work more hours in order to pay her bills.

“The scholarship helped me catch up on the financial burden I had had.”

Khaoula Abouinane

Picture of Khaoula Abouinane

Recent graduate of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner program, Khaoula Abouinane is a mother of two who not only completed her education, but also managed to establish her practice. 

She narrates her internship experience as a great learning source which helped her put her theory knowledge to practical use.

Abouinane’s dedication to providing good care, essential in the healthcare industry, resulted in her landing a full-time job before her graduation.

Abouinane said that the GLOW Scholarship helped her lessen her financial burden. It not only helped her pay for daycare for her kids but also helped her pay for extracurricular courses and medical insurance for her practice. 

“The money helped me establish my own practice,” said Abouinane.

She advises all students to work hard and treat their learning experiences as a glimpse of their future.

It’s your turn to GLOW

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IGNITE is FOR the students and we actively try to make college an easy and enjoyable learning experience. We are excited to announce that the GLOW scholarship will be returning for the 2022-23 academic year.

Did your work experience make an impact on the community?

Apply for this year’s GLOW Scholarship for a chance to win $2000! Applications open Tuesday, March 1 and close Sunday, March 20!

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