The biggest barrier to success is often ourselves.

How often have you heard someone say they’re “stuck in a rut”? It’s a pretty common expression used to describe the feeling of not great but not terrible. Just sort of…meh. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to figure out what’s holding you back from achieving success. Because the truth is, the biggest barrier to success is often ourselves.

We all have an inner critic, that little voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough; we’re not smart enough; we’re not talented enough. That voice is the one that tells us to play it safe, to stay in our comfort zone and not rock the boat.

But if you want to achieve success, you have to learn to silence that inner critic. You have to take risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and be willing to fail.

So what does it take to reach the top?

The answer is different for everyone since success looks different to each person. But, the good news is that some specific strategies and habits will help you reach the top in whatever field you choose to pursue.

If you’re a student at Humber or UofGH, the good news is you’re already on the right track to achieving success!

But in case you’re still struggling, here are some strategies you can try.

Set clear goals

Write down your goals for success

Clear goals are a must.

Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University of California, found that people who write their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them! So, take some time to sit down and figure out what it is that you want to achieve.

Stay focused and avoid procrastination

stop procrastinating if you want success!

It’s easy to get sidetracked and push things off until later, but success requires focus and dedication. Remember procrastination will only hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Be persistent and never give up

Never give up!

Quitting is not an option if you want to achieve success. No matter how difficult things get, it’s essential to persevere and never give up on your goals.

Professor of Psychology at Stanford University Carol Dweck’s growth-mindset research finds that those who see challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth tend to out-perform in the long run.

At times, it might feel like your goals are so far out of reach, but it’s important to understand that feeling is normal. Everyone experiences setbacks and roadblocks on their journey to success. What’s important is to keep going and not let these roadblocks discourage you.

Stay organized and be proactive

Organize your life

Success requires staying organized. Meaning keeping track of your deadlines, maintaining a tidy workspace, and efficiently managing your time.

Some tips to help you organize:

– Make a daily to-do list and check things off as you go

– Break down large projects into small tasks to make them seem less daunting

– Keep things neat and tidy to easily find them

– Track your calendar and set reminders for important deadlines

Don’t just wait for things to happen; make them happen! Being proactive will help you seize opportunities and take your success into your own hands.

Be flexible and adapt to change

Be the change

Always have a backup plan and be willing to change course, as adaptability is essential when things don’t go according to plan.

And things won’t always go as planned! So remain flexible and adaptable when roadblocks arise and look for alternative solutions to help you reach your goals.

Keep learning and growing

Keep learning and growing for success

Success is a journey, not a destination. You will continue to learn and grow throughout your career. Constantly learning and expanding your knowledge and skillset will allow you to succeed tremendously.

We are confident that if you follow these strategies, you will be well on your way to achieving success!

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