Let’s get those hands dirty!

There’s a limit to how much you can learn from a book. 

Learning things and being able to do them hands-on are two different things.

Often, even if you don’t know something about a particular task, but someone teaches you how to do it, the skill eventually enhances with more practice. Hands-on learning is your way to success.

Are you unsure if hands-on learning will actually be beneficial for you? Here are a few reasons that may help convince you. 

Practical skill

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Reading about a thing is vastly different from performing it. For instance, reading about preparing a specific type of drink versus actually doing it.

Learning something practically brings with it a lot of knowledge and muscle memory.


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As a part of hands-on learning, you become a regular at performing specific tasks. Eventually, you start building up confidence and do not have to fret when some issues may need on-the-spot solutions.

Enhanced memory

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Learning that doesn’t revolve around exams and grades often impacts an individual better. When you learn something to complete an assignment or to score well in an exam, you’ll often forget the information soon after. 

Hands-on learning usually makes an individual understand the why behind the knowledge and often helps boost one’s memory and reasoning.

Real-world experience

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According to the books, figuring out how things work in the real world compared to how they are supposed to work can be initially confusing. Yet, real-world experience is essential in shaping individual skills and improving critical thinking.

Attention span

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Leaning things by doing the task in front of you often makes an individual more engaged with it, increasing all the skills mentioned above. For example, a person who may not be able to focus on a lecture in class might do better when he has a hands-on task.

Eventually, hands-on learning teaches you more about a topic and task than a book ever could, thus bringing you closer to success.

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