College life is what you make it!

I just loved it! 🫶🏻

I am in my final year of postgraduation studies, and soon I’ll enter the world of adults working 9-5 Monday to Friday. Though I’ll miss my college days, my years of post-secondary education make me the right person to tell you all the ins and outs about college life.

College is a challenging and overwhelming time for students, especially those just starting their college journey. However, there are some college hacks that can make your life easier and help you succeed. And remember, your experience will be what you make it.

So, here are some college hacks that no one tells you about:

Time management is the key

Too much to do and not enough time? (College hacks)

Time management is a must-have skill in college. It will allow you to balance your academics, personal and social life. And we all know that striking a balance is extremely important.

You may wish to use Pomodoro Technique to manage your time. It lets you stay focused, motivated, productive and will help you avoid burnout. This technique is all about working for 25 minutes, taking a 5-minute break, and repeating the cycle.

Use campus resources

A person is handing over a book. (College hacks)

Use resources available on your campus! Take advantage of the library, writing center, peer tutoring, and other help available on campus. These aids are mostly free and can help you improve your academic performance and improve your overall college experience.

Build relationships

We're bonding. (College hacks)

Building connections with professors, classmates, and other students can help you flourish in college and beyond. Attend networking events and join clubs or organizations related to your interests. These links can help you find internships, job opportunities, and mentors in the future.

Stay in touch with your professors

A professor

Whether it’s about gaining insights into your work, or acquiring leads for your internship, remaining in touch with your professors is key.

Office hours are a great way to get one-on-one time with your professors. After all, they are there to help you and answer any questions related to academics.

Build your resume


Use your college years to prepare yourself for the industry by getting some experience in your back pocket. This means giving your best in your assignments to help build your portfolio, completing internships, and securing on-campus or entry-level employment.

All these things will help you build a strong resume for when you’re ready to enter the workforce.

Make use of online resources

A lady using laptop

Use online resources to develop more skills, get help in academics, stay organized, and collaborate with others.

You can utilize a planner or calendar to its full potential for maintaining track of projects, exams, and other significant dates. You can also create a to-do list each day to help you remain on track and use resources like Quizlet and Miro to get the best academic experience.

Join study groups

Study group

Studying with a group can assist you to learn more effectively and stay motivated. Join a study group or create your own with classmates. You can quiz each other, discuss difficult topics, and share notes.

Care for yourself


Taking care of yourself is crucial for your physical and mental health. Make sure to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. Don’t fail to take breaks and do things that you enjoy.

Surviving college is possible with perseverance, focus, and a good support system. College is an incredible chance to unlock the potential of your future. And with hard work, devotion, and a positive mindset, you can come out as a successful and well-rounded person.

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