We all get nervous sometimes.

You’re not alone when it comes to pre-class jitters. And knowing other people are in the same position as you can be reassuring. Whether you’re scared of not making friends or you’re taking challenging course work, it’s normal to feel nervous from time to time.

Although we can’t hold your hand as you walk through the classroom doors, we can provide eight tips for dealing with pre-class nervous jitters.

1. Take a deep breath

Frustrated Chill to calm being nervous.

As simple as it sounds taking a deep breath can reduce stress and anxiety.

Before you head into your class take some time to yourself to catch your breath. There are also some great resources online for breathing exercise videos like “box breathing” to follow along with and practice prior to class.

2. Check the class list

Nervous in class.

By viewing the class list you can see if there is anyone you know in your class. You may end up with one of your close friends, or someone you know but would like to know better.

This is a great opportunity to text your classmate prior to class asking to sit together.

3. Superhero pose

Amelia Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy nervous prior to surgery.

Studies have shown that posing like a superhero for 30-seconds prior to tackling a challenging task changes the brain’s chemistry by altering the body’s hormone production. This can boost self-esteem and confidence.

4. Drink water

Fun Water GIF

For a clear headspace make sure you stay hydrated. Having a headache will not help the nerves. In addition a water bottle can be a great conversation starter if you add some cool stickers to the outside!

5. Attend on-campus events

college life GIF by University of Dayton

By attending events like Frosh, you can meet students outside of the classroom and meeting more students at campus events can help you to feel comfortable when you see them in class.

Register for your tickets now!

6. Read the course materials

 Teacher making a funny face.

Knowing the content of the course will also help with pre-class anxiety. It can be scary sitting waiting to get “called on” by a teacher, but not having an answer is even scarier, so make sure to do your readings!

7. Take notes before class

A pig writing notes as they are nervous for class.

Scared that the teacher might go too fast? Taking notes prior to class can help.

Many times teachers post slideshows of the class prior to the lecture. By having your notes made already you can spend more time listening than writing.

8. Talk to your teacher

Mail Monday nervous.

Many teachers will provide you with an email to contact them regarding any concerns you may have. If you’re feeling nervous about certain course material, be sure to let them know.

IGNITE can’t wait to see you all thriving in the classroom this school year. Although walking into class can seem intimidating, just remember that you are there to learn!

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