Health & Well-Being

Health & Well-Being Best dog-friendly spots in Toronto

Woof woof:

Health & Well-Being Brain foods to help you ace your final exams

A buffet for your brain:

Health & Well-Being 5 tips to be the perfect plant parent this summer

Experience the joy of a vibrant green indoor space, all year round! As an obsessive plant parent who will force you to fawn over a new leaf on one of…

Health & Well-Being I tried different gym classes and this is how it went

So many options!

Health & Well-Being 5 group activities to boost your mental health

Find wellness in togetherness. With sub-zero temperatures and sunshine proving elusive, many of us experience a worsening of mental health during winter. Studies have shown higher levels of depressive symptoms…

Health & Well-Being 7 tips to grocery shop for the best value

Make small changes, see big results. With prices of groceries, rent and pretty much everything else nothing short of eye-watering, buying ingredients to make nutritious home-cooked meals can be stressful.…

Health & Well-Being An insomniac tries Headspace for a week

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” Ernest Hemingway Before we talk about Headspace, did you know that research shows roughly 40% of…

Health & Well-Being 5 ways I make IGNITE’s amazing soups feel like home

*Chef’s Kiss* Picture this: You’re curled up on the couch, snuggled under a cozy blanket, your favourite movie is on, and you have a bowl of rich, steaming soup in…

Health & Well-Being 5 TikTokers from Ontario you HAVE to follow

Making scrolling more fun From random Costco hauls to de-pearling oysters to making sourdough bread, I find myself marvelling at the diversity of TikTok content and the passionate creators behind…

Health & Well-Being A student with 3 jobs tries Headspace for a week

This is how it went:

Health & Well-Being How I spend winter break in Toronto alone

Three friends together.

Health & Well-Being 5-step guide to shaking off a setback

We all face setbacks, whether it’s an imploding group assignment, losing a job or getting a job rejection. Small or big, they usually come right when things are going perfectly…

Health & Well-Being How you can help prevent violence against women

How you can help prevent violence against women

Health & Well-Being Say goodbye to stress with these simple tips

"Every little thing is gonna be alright."

Health & Well-Being A sneak peek into Humber College's Eco Closet

Bazaar in Bloom:

Health & Well-Being 8 tips to handle your first Canadian winter like a pro

Eight pro-tips to handle students handle their first Canadian winter.

Health & Well-Being How to actually enjoy your breaks

one day at a time

Health & Well-Being 4 perfect side dishes to serve with soup

Enjoy a gourmet meal, right at home

Health & Well-Being Here's why striking a balance is important

Nothing is wrong with prioritizing yourself

Health & Well-Being Backpack essentials that every college student should have

Making your busiest days a little easier

Health & Well-Being I tried meditation for a week and this is how it went

Let all your stress float away

Health & Well-Being The impact of summer learning loss: ways to prevent it

Keep your brain moving during the summer

Health & Well-Being Does the Headspace app truly help you sleep better at night?

“Mediation and sleep made simple.” headspace The final weeks of the semester were the most exhausting and hectic weeks I have ever had in my life. I was juggling assignments,…

Health & Well-Being Learn all about energy control

Manage and regulate your energy

Health & Well-Being How to pack for your summer semester abroad 

Make packing simple with these tips

Health & Well-Being Reset Sundays

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning. Sunday Scaries. That feeling of dread that starts creeping in as the weekend comes to a close and the reality of…

Health & Well-Being How to be your own cheerleader

Work on yourself, for yourself. Believing in yourself and being your own cheerleader doesn’t come easy. Everyone needs someone else to validate their decisions and choices. Ever wondered why that…

Health & Well-Being Easy ways to build credit without going into debt

Brad's foolproof guide to becoming financially literate

Health & Well-Being The importance of staying hydrated during the summer

Learn the top tips and signs!

Health & Well-Being Identify and promote mental health in workplace

Considering a job offer?

Health & Well-Being Everything gym and more!

Let's get physical!

Health & Well-Being Learn all about your body's posture

Avoid that notorious back pain

Health & Well-Being How to find the right student rental off-campus

Your one step closer to having a great semester!

Health & Well-Being Gardening with low-price supplies

Learn the basics of gardening

Health & Well-Being Spring cleaning your life

Embrace this season of renewal.

Health & Well-Being 5 wellness apps worth downloading on your phone

Practicing mindfulness at your fingertips.

Health & Well-Being How to handle graduation nerves

Now, life is your new college!

Health & Well-Being Grocery shopping without breaking the bank

Buy your top food picks while keeping your wallet intact!

Health & Well-Being Five ways to boost your confidence during exam season

Believe in yourself

Health & Well-Being Decorate your room in inexpensive and creative ways

Top 4 picks on

Health & Well-Being Valuable life lessons you can learn from anime

Discover these animated series that are worth-watching

Health & Well-Being Jonathan Osorio on following your dreams

"Follow your dreams, and don't be afraid to dream big!"

Health & Well-Being How to avoid naps that make you groggy

Tips for the perfect nap

Health & Well-Being Reasons you should exercise during your period

Will this reduce my period pain?

Health & Well-Being Love is in the air

Fun things to do this Valentine's Day

Health & Well-Being 5 student fees that you can benefit from

Start using your benefits today.

Health & Well-Being 10 dorm room essentials every student needs

If you live in a dorm, you're going to want to read this

Health & Well-Being Here is what you can do for yourself this winter break

It is the most wonderful time of the year

Health & Well-Being Quiz: Which soup are you based on your personality?

Take the quiz and find out!

Health & Well-Being Aromatherapy: benefits and ways to use it

Does it really work?

Health & Well-Being 7 Netflix series to binge during winter break

The perfect time to catch up on some Netflix!

Health & Well-Being 5 ways to spend your holiday break

There are different ways to enjoy your break!

Health & Well-Being Do you really need to buy that? A minimalist approach to shopaholic tendencies

Shop with purpose

Health & Well-Being 5 different ways to relax after a long day of classes

Long days call for relaxation

Health & Well-Being Easy meal ideas to survive exam season

Eat your way through top grades!

Health & Well-Being IGNITE's top 5 tips for getting physically active

It's time to get active!

Health & Well-Being Habits to make your college life less stressful

Start embracing them now!

Health & Well-Being Scared of horror movies? These YouTube channels will give you the fix you need

You're in for a YouTube treat!

Health & Well-Being 5 tips for improving your mental health during the school year

Take control of your wellness

Health & Well-Being 6 apps you need in your phone to keep you healthy and thriving

There is a lot of value in phone apps.

Health & Well-Being 7 soups from around the world to spice up your soup game

7 soups from around the world to spice up your soup game

Health & Well-Being Healthy snacks while you are on the go

Five nutritious snacks to eat on your busiest days

Health & Well-Being Tips for managing in-person classes

Tips on managing in-person classes

Health & Well-Being How you can embody "just do it" energy

“Just do it” Nike What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the brand “Nike?” Just do it. The slogan was first coined in 1987 and has…

Health & Well-Being Here's all the best advice from IGNITE's Real Talks guests

Curated for students.

Health & Well-Being Helpful remedies for handling homesickness at school

It's one step at a time

Health & Well-Being Academic burnout: what it is, what it does and how to beat it

Take a deep breath, you’ve got this.

Health & Well-Being Side effects of poor mental health we don't talk about enough

If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it.

Health & Well-Being 7 foods with surprising brain benefits

It's a brain-changer.

Health & Well-Being Everything you need to survive your first Canadian winter

Forty below takes some getting used to.

Health & Well-Being The student guide to adding main character energy to your life

The TikTok trend that encourages boldness and feeling good about yourself.

Health & Well-Being 6 little things that can make your student life easier

It truly is the little things.

Health & Well-Being Your dreams will change. That doesn't mean you've failed.

Quite the opposite.

Health & Well-Being How to write about your achievements without sounding arrogant

I'm the best! (maybe, idk tho lol nvm)

Health & Well-Being Silent signs you should check on your friends

Not everyone communicates the same.

Health & Well-Being Setting realistic expectations for yourself as a student

Yup, it's possible!

Health & Well-Being Here's how to handle the anniversary effect

It's not just you.

Health & Well-Being How to overcome feeling overwhelmed

You can—and will—get through this.

Health & Well-Being The top eight pop star performances of 2020 so far

BRB, picking my jaw up off the floor.

Health & Well-Being How to set boundaries at school and at home - and why you should

A bit of space can bring you together.

Health & Well-Being Previous Real Talks guests have a message for students

You have (1) message!

Health & Well-Being Everything you need to know about IGNITE's health plan

At IGNITE, we care about your health.

Health & Well-Being Rainn Wilson's message to IGNITE from home

Stop blaming Toby.

Health & Well-Being Here's why getting emotionally attached to TV characters is perfectly okay

Your TV-boo obsession is more acceptable than you think.

Health & Well-Being Terry Crews' message to IGNITE from home

The moment we've all been waiting for.

Health & Well-Being Bullet journalling changed my life—here's how it can help you, too

Overwhelmed by online classes? This is for you.

Health & Well-Being Free menstrual products are here to stay at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber

Stopping stigmas one tampon at a time.

Health & Well-Being That's not love: signs of emotional abuse

Love shouldn't hurt.

Health & Well-Being Beat the winter blues with these 7 tips

Don't let the winter blues get you down this semester.

Health & Well-Being 5 of Dan Levy's funniest moments from Schitt's Creek

We know what you're streaming after this.

Health & Well-Being What does your favourite soup say about your personality?

Get souper excited.

Health & Well-Being 5 ways you can take advantage of your IGNITE health benefits

Ever had acupuncture?

Health & Well-Being Food insecurity is affecting Humber and UofGH students — so we launched a soupbar.

It fed over 800 students in the first week.

Health & Well-Being 5 feelings you get during midterms

"I work better under pressure, though."

Health & Well-Being 7 ways to quit your social media addiction

Social media addiction is real. Here's how to stop it.

Health & Well-Being How to deal with winter burnout

Reignite your motivation!

Health & Well-Being Here's what you need to know about your insurance plan

Here's all that you need to know about your insurance plan

Health & Well-Being Starting school in the winter? 5 things to keep in mind

Starting school? You'll want to keep a few of these tips on your mind

Health & Well-Being IGNITE Spotlight: Pads & Tampons Project

We need tampons just as much as toilet paper!

Health & Well-Being 10 tips to survive final exams

Take a deep breath and let's get studying!

Health & Well-Being 5 ways to warm up your brain before getting back to class

Check out our tips on how to warm up your brain before you get back to school!

Health & Well-Being Adjusting to life after graduation

Check out our tips on adjusting to life after graduation!

Health & Well-Being 4 reasons why students need to take breaks

Discover how a few minutes away from your books can make you a better student!

Health & Well-Being 5 ways to stay awake (without coffee)

Find out how you can get through those long days without coffee.

Health & Well-Being Interview with Real Talks speaker, Brryan Jackson

Find out more about Brryan Jackson's life, and his mission to inspire others.

Health & Well-Being 5 reasons to see Brryan Jackson: Speaker and mental health activist

Learn more about IGNITE's Real Talk speaker, Brryan Jackson.

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