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Have you heard? Dan Levy is coming to North campus and will be joining Antoni Porowski as a guest speaker at our next IGNITE Real Talks event on Tuesday, Nov. 19. You probably know him from his time hosting MTV’s The After Show or more recently from his starring role as David Rose in CBC’s Schitt’s Creek.

Dan has overcome many challenges throughout his personal and professional life to get to where he is today. His candid stories and life lessons will open the floor to an honest conversation about wellness and being your best self.

That said, Dan is still a master of sarcastic humour and the afternoon will be full of light-hearted fun. We’ve put together some hilarious clips from Dan’s show to get you excited for IGNITE Real Talks. Did we mention it’s free?

Here are 5 of Dan Levy’s funniest moments from Schitt’s Creek:


1. Davidisms

This compilation of “Davidisms” captures the best of David Rose’s sarcastic jokes and insults. He’s quick to judge his friends and family but somehow manages to sound loving while he’s at it. Though that seems to be par for the course when you’re a member of the Rose family.


2. Oh my God!

Nobody says “Oh my God!” quite like David. It’s practically his catchphrase. After everything he’s seen and experienced, it’s amazing that he can still be shocked by his friends and family. It’s super funny though so we’re not complaining.


3. Amish David

David’s attempt at educating the viewer about Amish culture shows how hilariously out of touch he still is, despite his family’s fall from grace. Is “Davesplaining” a thing? ‘Cause it is now!


4. David scares Alexis

David’s relationship with his sister, Alexis, has given us many of the show’s funniest moments. Anyone with siblings knows it’s only natural to mess with each other. But David takes it to another level. If you’re looking to get back at your brother or sister, take notes. This is how it’s done.


5. Wine Preferences

This scene showcases some of the show’s best writing. David and his best friend Stevie use wine preferences as a metaphor for sexual preferences perfectly. But in the end, it’s David’s signature brand of brutal honesty that’s bound to make you laugh.

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