Throw these great apps into your daily app rotation!

Although it can be good to minimize your screen time, there are many benefits to certain apps on your phone. There’s a little something for everyone, from fun social media apps to productivity apps and more!

Here are six apps you need on your phone to keep you healthy and thriving.


Pinterest-logo.png - Wikimedia Commons
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If you’re looking for inspiration and unnecessary internet drama, Pinterest is the app for you. Scroll through feeds and create personalized collage boards. Learn new recipes and new study habits and find your style through fashion boards.

There’s a niche for everyone!


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Having the Outlook email app on your phone will keep you at ease. Sometimes you forget when assignments are due or need to know what happens on campus. With Outlook on your phone and notifications turned on, and you’ll always be in the loop!

Humber Compass

Navigate North Campus with the Wayfinding App | Humber Communiqué
Image via Humber

Navigating around campus can be challenging, but don’t worry; there’s an app for that!

With Humber Compass, never get lost again! You’ll equip yourself with full maps for the Humber North, Lakeshore and Guelph-Humber campuses for your next journey.


Image via Alexandra Ellison

Sometimes scrolling on social media for hours can cause anxiety. Cut down your scrolling time while still checking in with what your friends are up to with BeReal.

Each day the app will send you a notification (at a random time) where you have two minutes to take a picture through the front and back camera. Once you take the image, you can see what your friends are up to at the exact moment!


Audiobooks & Original Audio | Get your first book free! |
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Books can be very therapeutic, but sometimes we just don’t feel like reading. So instead, you can gain new knowledge through your headphones by listening to books on an app like Audible!

There is a monthly fee, but sometimes they offer great discounts! If you live in Toronto and want a free option, try downloading the Libby app and renting free books through your local branch!

Google Docs

Google Docs – Apps on Google Play
Image via GooglePlay

Need to make quick edits on your commute to campus? Getting the Google Docs app will help.

You can create full-page documents with a click of a button. For those that don’t have data/LTE, you can even work offline!

We hope this list will make you head over to the app store! These apps are great tools to help you through your school journey, but remember that rest is key for good health. Make sure you take time to get good sleep to focus on your studies so you can find opportunities to have fun.

Another way to stay healthy is to fuel up with these healthy snacks while you are on the go!

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