Always have these items on hand!

Tote bags, handbags, you name it. I’m sure we all have our version of a backpack. But what we have in them can either make or break our days.

Let’s talk about those days – the long and exhausting ones on campus. You might have classes or work morning till night, but with the right essential backpack items, it’s easy to navigate even your busiest days. That way, you’re more than prepared for the unexpected.

Plus, having the right items on hand will help to ease your mind, especially if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

So, here are some backpack essentials you should have in your bag at all times.


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Sounds like a given right?

But the thing is that during your morning rush to get ready, you probably often forget to pack your charger. And if you always bring your laptop to school, it’s essential you have it on hand. Nobody wants their laptop to die while trying to complete an assignment.

You can avoid scrambling for one by always keeping your laptop and a back up phone charger in your bag.


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You may never know they can come in handy.

Let’s imagine you’re on campus, working on an assignment. You’re feeling a bit tired and need a break. This is where headphones come in. You can listen to your favourite podcast or artist and enjoy your time on campus.

Reusable water bottle

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Hello, you need to stay hydrated!

And it’s easy to refill your bottle at water fountains all over campus. There’s no need to buy water from a vending machine while it’s free on campus. Plus, a reusable water bottle is definitely much more eco-friendly and sustainable.

If you prefer cold water, consider getting insulated ones like Swell or HydroFlask. They’re perfect for keeping your water chilly, while helping you stay hydrated!

Cosmetic bag

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While you’re on campus, the unexpected can happen. As such, having a cosmetic bag with a few essentials will save you in emergencies. If there’s a front pocket in your bag, it’s the perfect spot to store it.

Here are some essentials that you should keep in your cosmetic bag:

  • tampons, pads
  • bandaids
  • tissues
  • pain medicine such as Advil or Tylenol
  • chapstick
  • hair ties


Do you have days packed with classes? I’m sure most of us do.

There might be a day when you have at least two classes. I’m not sure about you, but midway through classes, I feel hungry. So, on my busiest days, I prefer to have snacks on hand. That way, it’s easier to munch on something during breaks and can help save money by not having to buy something on campus!

Always have a snack in your bag. It could be a protein bar, some granola and yogurt or even a bag of chips.

Hand lotion and sanitizer

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We can consider them as some of the most overlooked backpack essentials, but they’re extremely useful. Suppose you’re busy with an assignment and need to eat right away; you could use some sanitizer to wipe away those germs.

And depending on the weather, your hands can get dry quickly. Generally speaking, this happens during the fall and winter months. That’s why keeping lotion in your bag to keep them moisturized is key.

We all have a routine by now. It could be studying at the library or working on your assignments at the LRC. Whatever the case, having the right backpack essentials will help boost your productivity and ensure you’re prepared for a long day on campus or any emergencies that may arise!

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