Reduce your time spent on TikTok and prioritize yourself instead.

We are constantly using apps such as Instagram and TikTok. As a result, we end up scrolling for hours or re-creating viral TikTok videos. Although these reels or videos are entertaining, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.

However, we can prioritize our well-being by using wellness apps instead. It’s the perfect way to use our phones while practicing mindfulness in one go. Here are some wellness apps you should download.


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Juggling school and work can leave you feeling overwhelmed or even stressed. But don’t worry; we have a great solution you can try, Headspace.

This app offers meditation and mindfulness sessions, allowing you to be present in the “moment.” It can also help you create life-changing habits to support your mental health.

Also, studies have shown that Headspace reduces stress by 14%. In addition, it’s helpful for getting a good night’s sleep and can help you improve your focus. Are you interested in Headspace? If so, IGNITE has you covered! Register today for a free one-year subscription!


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It can be challenging to keep track of your cycle. Oftentimes, you just end up going with the flow (pun intended).

To avoid losing track of your next cycle and being caught off-guard, try the Clue app. It offers everything you need to know including information about your cycle, PMS and reproductive health from the ovulation period to the predicted cycle.

Download the app to learn more about your cycle and how it affects you!


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The Exhale app is for Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour (WOC).

It helps them to feel safe throughout their emotional well-being journey. Also, it encourages women to exhale – regardless of all the negative energy and inhale love, energy and healing.

The Exhale app supports you when faced with issues such as microaggressions. Nothing is wrong with investing in your well-being.

Feel better

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Are you too busy to visit the gym? Are you looking for home workout videos instead?

If the answer to either of the two questions above is yes, you should consider downloading the Feel Better app. It does everything and more to support one’s well-being. This includes offering plant-based recipes and 300+ at-home exercise classes. Plus, the app also offers guided wellness plans to de-stress and improve your sleep.


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Looking for a personalized fitness experience outside the gym? Aaptiv has you covered.

It offers audio-based training that guides you throughout your wellness and fitness journey. It’s more than just workouts, it helps people feel happy about exercising. And if you’re looking to understand more about the benefits of fitness, this app does that too!

Whether you’re looking for strength training or indoor cycling programs, Aaptiv is the way to go.

Although you might be busy juggling the many things on your plate, it’s essential that you focus on your wellness. That way, you can feel less stressed and more relaxed and ultimately increase your productivity and feel good too!

Sometimes it can be challenging to practice wellness, but you can always use apps to help you along the way. They make it easier to take care of yourself by guiding you throughout your journey. Once downloaded, you’re one swipe away from improving your well-being.

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