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Sunday Scaries. That feeling of dread that starts creeping in as the weekend comes to a close and the reality of the work week sets in. The thought of another busy week ahead can often leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. But fear not, we are here!

Introducing Reset Sundays.

Reset Sundays are all about taking intentional steps to reset your mind, body, and environment, so you can start your week feeling refreshed and empowered. It’s all about prioritizing self-care and creating a routine that helps you transition from the weekend to the work week with ease.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your Reset Sunday

Sleep in and have a slow morning

Polar bear lying on the snow

Start by allowing yourself to sleep in and wake up naturally, without the jarring sound of an alarm clock. Take your time getting out of bed, stretch, and set a positive intention for the day ahead.

Move mindfully

Light bulb exercising

Even if you’re not feeling particularly motivated to exercise, doing some light movement can do wonders for your mood and energy levels. Try a short yoga session, take a walk around the block, or dance to your favorite song. Moving your body can help release tension and boost your mood, setting the tone for a productive day

Nourish your body

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As much as exercising is important, the food you consume is important too.

Take care of your physical health by nourishing your body with a healthy breakfast. Whether you like to cook or prefer to order in, make sure you give your body the energy it needs to tackle the day ahead. Avoid heavy, greasy foods that can leave you feeling sluggish and opt for something light and nutritious instead.

Pay your bills and review your finances

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Take a moment to review your finances on your Reset Sunday. Pay your bills, check your budget, and review your credit card rewards. This can help you feel more in control of your financial situation and reduce any stress or anxiety associated with money matters.

Plan or prep your meals

Gif of meal prepping

Planning or preparing your meals on Sundays can save you time and effort during the busy work week. Consider creating a meal plan, grocery shopping, and prepping some meals or snacks for the week ahead.

If you’re not a fan of meal planning or cooking, you can also try a meal kit service that can make healthy eating easier and more convenient.

Tidy up

a pug cleaning its house

A cluttered environment can contribute to a cluttered mind. Spend some time tidying up your living space, even if it’s just for a short 10-15 minutes. Set a timer and focus on picking up the basics. Put away dishes, do some laundry, and make your bed. After all, a clean and organized space can help you feel more focused and relaxed.

Those are our suggestions for solid Sunday Reset. But, what are your go-to methods for fighting the Sunday scaries? Tell us on Instagram!

And happy Monday!

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