There’s more to anime than you know!

Have you seen the anime Blue Lock or My Hero Academia? If not, you are missing out!

But I’m sure you’re watching one that has you hooked! And if you’re not really a huge fan, that’s okay too.

But what if I told you these animated series are more than just action-packed storylines? They are a form of entertainment teaching many life lessons. You would have never guessed some of the underlying messages in your favourite anime. And if you haven’t gotten into the genre yet, I’m here to convince you to give it a try!

So here are some valuable life lessons you can learn.

P.S. There might be spoilers!

Friends and family are the important things in life

Luffy from the anime "One Piece" is smiling and running. 

Excited One Piece GIF
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Finding the “one piece” and becoming the “Pirate King” is Luffy’s end goal. Throughout his voyages, Luffy recruits his comrades, who become his friends and family.

As they embark on different adventures, Luffy finds himself in difficult situations, trying to protect his friends. In spite of his opponents’ strength, he is willing to fight for his family.

For example, his friend Nami is trying to save her village. But after the Marine takes her treasure, she finds it impossible to accomplish her goal. But then, here comes Luffy putting everything on the line to help her.

Similar to the “One Piece” treasure, your friends and family are the same. So remember to treasure them.

Don’t give up on yourself

Two characters from the anime My Hero Academia are getting ready for battle. 

My Hero Academia Versus GIF
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Ochaco finds herself in an alarming situation – a fight against Katsuki. Known for his dangerous and destructive power, anyone would think Ochaco would forfeit.

However, she doesn’t back down from the challenge. Instead, she puts on her game face and enters the ring. Surprisingly, she starts the match more powerful than anyone would have imagined.

Although, she lost the match. She didn’t doubt her capabilities and proved everyone wrong.

The important lesson here is: don’t give up on yourself. You may never know what you can accomplish.

Be kind to others, no matter who they are

A character from Attack on Titan is in the forest having fun.

Attack on Titan Sasha Blouse GIF
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Growing up in Marley, Gabi is loyal to the country. Eventually, she becomes a warrior, one of the best the nation has ever seen. However, she is from Eldia and wishes her nationality was Marleyan.

Due to this hatred, she is ruthless to every Eldian she meets. On a quest for revenge, Gabi enters Paradis after sneaking onto an airship. But she is left speechless when Eldians like Kaya are nice to her.

As a result, Gabi faces a rude awakening. The lesson here is: we must be kind to one another.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Ichigo is walking with his backpack.

Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach GIF
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I’m sure by now we have heard the phrase “looks can be deceiving.” Yet, sometimes we are guilty of judging others and forming the wrong impressions.

In the anime Bleach, Sajin, the captain of Squad 7 wears a helmet to hide his beastly appearance. Despite his arrival, he is considered a good-hearted warrior. However, many would think he is a monster and would fear him.

The same goes for us; never judge a book by its cover. You might be surprised at how amazing an individual is who you initially thought the opposite of.

If you’re a true anime fan, I’m sure you have watched all of the anime mentioned. If not, you should definitely add them to your list.

It’s safe to say that anime can surprise us! Even action-packed anime can teach us a lesson. And while most of us are aware of these lessons, it’s about putting them into practice.

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