Making scrolling more fun

From random Costco hauls to de-pearling oysters to making sourdough bread, I find myself marvelling at the diversity of TikTok content and the passionate creators behind these videos. I’m amazed at how there are so many flourishing communities on TikTok built around things I’d have considered niche or even outright strange.

Did you know that one in four Gen Z Canadians are spending over an hour per day on TikTok? Totally understandable, given that it has something for everyone, whether you use it exclusively for easy recipes and makeup tutorials like me or live for TikToker drama like my bestie.

We asked IGNITE’s trusty content team for Ontarian TikToker recommendations, and as always, they came through! Get those phones out, open your app and check out their creative content that is guaranteed to keep you entertained this winter!

Thrift, eat and explore

Do you love thrifting and eating? If that’s a yes, head to Aaron Navarro‘s page! The head of video at blogTO offers incredible tips on how to thrift for the best value and then fill up with delicious food at hidden restaurant gems — talk about a perfect day!

Have you ever returned from an exciting day of thrifting and then hated everything you bought? Or worse, picked ten different things that were “so cheap” only to cringe at the final bill with a bag full of ratty clothes you don’t really love? If you’re like me and regret your thrift haul all the time, Aaron’s page is definitely one you do not want to miss!

Not your typical TikTok makeup tutorial

We all love a good makeup tutorial, and the YouTube beauty community drama has made for amazing entertainment over the years (who doesn’t love some good tea, eh?) That said, you may think that makeup tutorials have lost their novelty, but that’s only because you haven’t seen makeup by Mei Pang!

Pang is a first-generation Canadian of Malaysian descent, born in the outskirts of Toronto. The gorgeous tatted-up artist rejects conventional ideas of beauty and is known for her bold beauty looks, shaved head and symmetrical tattoos. Trained in drawing and painting at OCAD University, she brings you everything right from classic red lips and smoky eyes to ethereal, dramatic and phenomenally creative looks. What’s more, you’ll also get peeks of her beloved husky often, which is absolutely adorable!

Meet Ontario’s favourite weatherman

Lee Moore, beekeeper by day and weatherman by accident, went viral for his eerily accurate predictions of the weather based on his bees’ bee-haviour! A beekeeper “certified by the wind and the rain,” as he says, he lives in southern Ontario Canada with his family.

Unlike his moniker, he is funny, kind-natured and has an infectious sense of humour. So, it’s time to ditch the weather app and check out his channel for more entertaining weather forecasts. Fun fact: based on his bees’ honey collecting habits this year, he predicts a hard, cold winter coming up on us. If that worries you, definitely check out our pro-tips on how to manage winters in Canada.

TikTok to adult like a pro

As we approach tax season, do you feel a bit of dread over doing your taxes? In addition, when someone mentions RRSPs or TFSAs or FHSAs, does it make your head spin? How about credit scores — do you know how to get yours higher and qualify for better interest rates? If these things stress you out, don’t worry, it stresses us out too.

Adulting is hard and we don’t learn enough practical financial education in school. That’s where Cory steps in. Her channel helps you stop scraping by and start “getting your financial sh*t together.” Her videos are beginner friendly, easy to understand, and will never tell you to stop buying lattes or marry rich to get control over your finances (we promise.) 

Transform your student experience

And of course, we have IGNITE’s TikTok on the list! I mean, how could we not? Amazing behind-the-scenes peeks into Real Talks with Liza Koshy (we can’t stop reliving that high), fresh content every day on what’s buzzing on campus and updates on all our best engagements and contests… with all this, the real question should be, why aren’t you following us yet? Go click that follow button, seriously!

A man saying thanks for the follow in relation to TikTok.

TikTok has some amazing content to offer. We hope you love our list of TikTok favourites! There’s nothing more annoying than falling asleep and waking up to an endless loop of TikTok replays. But with our reccs, we hope that’ll never happen!

Feature photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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