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Looking for the best life advice?

From learning lessons, to motivating us and chasing money, there’s no better selection than this cultivated advice from IGNITE’s Real Talks’ guests.

Our Real Talks’ guests have made us laugh, made us reflect and helped us succeed. Let’s see what they had to say!

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley smiling.

“You just have to start and grow…continue to create, learn from when you mess up and every time just get a little bit better.”

The internet icon kicked off Real Talks by giving us that push to begin somewhere. Sometimes the pressure of not being perfect can make us procrastinate. But Oakley insists it’s all about that first step!

Justin Kan

Justin Kan smiling during an interview.

Kan, Twitch’s co-founder shared his story about purpose and success in business. Kan thought if he made a lot of money and was successful, others would connect with him.

“Turns out, it doesn’t quite work like that. And along the way you build those skills to actually genuinely connect with other people.”

This was what gave him the most fulfilment in life.

Wise words!

Ruth E. Carter

Ruth E. Carter against a green and blue background.

We can all be intimated by fear of failure. But we just have to remember these words from Carter’s Real Talks:

“It’s a big mountain to climb when you decide to take something on that you don’t know very much about…facing the challenges lets you know that they’re not as scary.” 

The Oscar-winning costumer designer shows us what perseverance and following your dreams can achieve.

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso smiling facing the left against a green background.

Next, Amoruso gave us these words when determining what advice to take or leave behind:

“There’s gonna be a lot of voices at the table…listen to the ones that have experience doing what you’re doing.” 

And remember to listen to your own voice! From entrepreneurship to writing a New York Times Bestseller and mentoring others, Amoruso reminds us to be selective about who we listen to.

Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka against a blue background.

Keep believing that anything is possible. Keep believing in whatever you try to do.

Ibaka believes that as you continue to put in hard work, you’ll get better and better.

Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski wearing an apron.

On handling social media fame, Porowski’s personal motto is:

“I am enough; I have enough.”

Terry Crews

Terry Crews smiling against a grey background.

In relation to speaking up about serious topics like racism and the #metoo movement, Crews spoke about how there will always be backlash.

“Just let the conversation happen.”

Letting the conversation happen allows us to think about what is going on. When we suppress conversations, we ignore the issue.

Rainn Wilson

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Wilson explained how he wanted SoulPancake to be a platform for positivity and inspiration.

“It’s important to shift our attitude towards positivity, because then we can affect change.”

This is a great reminder in our busy lives to allow ourselves to be inspired by positivity, as well as work towards positive changes in our communities.

Bring this advice forward and remember that your 20s are a time to figure things out. As Wilson reminds us during his interview, learning doesn’t stop when you graduate.

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho posing with her hands raised to chin level against a grey background.

Cho spoke deeply about the importance of:

“[Coming] to terms with really understanding our true selves and the changing nature of ourselves.”

Poetic and profound words. Cho speaks first hand about her experience being a queer kid, stand-up and creating a space for queer Asian creatives in entertainment. Keep this one in your back pocket for when you need it most.

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock smiling against pink background.

Rock’s words will wake you up in the morning and be your fight song.

“There’s so much power in your youth, in your ideas, in our fresh ideas. We are what the world needs right now.”

The YouTuber is known for his humour and confidence. Rock reminds us that even he is not always confident, and that’s fine. But he owns all his insecurities and hypes himself up.

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish against blue and purple background.

On making mistakes, the stand-up comedian, actress and author advised:

“Find the aha in it, find the learning lesson in it…In your failures, that’s where you find success.”

Haddish reminds us that it’s okay to fail. After all, without failure we wouldn’t have some great comedy!

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty smiling against pink and orange background.

This life coach and author reminded us how to care for others, pursue our goals and continue growing and learning.

At 18, Shetty had met people who were rich, famous and in various careers. Yet, despite the successes they had, they did not seem as truly happy as the monk he’d met.

One monk habit that Shetty recommended that would allow students to live happier lives was being of service to others.

“Maybe a friend of yours is going through something really difficult. The amount of human skills and emotional intelligence you develop by being there for others will so be so powerful in the workplace in the future.”

Get your bullet journal out and jot down this fantastic advice, or head over to our Real Talks interviews and re-watch them for yourself!

Remember that you are the driving force that can make a difference in your student experience. We hope this advice will take you far.

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