Well-Being & Security

Well-Being & Security Cash stuffing: all you need to know

Start saving for your future goals

Well-Being & Security Here's everything you should add to your desk

Organize your study space

Well-Being & Security Registration tips that every Humber student should know

Avoid having headaches on registration day

Well-Being & Security 5 must-know after landing in Toronto

Things to do as an international student

Well-Being & Security 5 ways to make memories with friends and family

Returning home this summer?

Well-Being & Security 5 tips for breaking the cycle of bad habits

Use these tips to change up your routine

Well-Being & Security Be aware of your digital footprint

One step at a time

Well-Being & Security Top places to go in and around Toronto this spring

Embrace the season while it lasts

Well-Being & Security 6 easy ways to organize your dorm room

Learn how to declutter the right way.

Well-Being & Security Capsule wardrobes: why you need to get one

Let us de-influence you

Well-Being & Security The 4 social cues you need to know

How to understand people better?

Well-Being & Security Best places to study on campus that isn't the library

find your favourite spot on campus here!

Well-Being & Security 6 tips to stay safe on public transit

Amid a wave of increasing crimes

Well-Being & Security Reasons why you should jump on the Afrobeats wave

Expand your playlist

Well-Being & Security 5 reading week travel tips for wherever you go

Time to celebrate ...reading week is almost here!

Well-Being & Security 3 easy ways to earn some tuition money

Sometimes, minimum wage just isn't enough

Well-Being & Security Humber Eco Closet: making sustainable changes on campus

Sustainability starts with education

Well-Being & Security 4 types of disputes the Dispute Resolution Clinic can help you with

Don't avoid resolving your conflicts

Well-Being & Security 10 ways to avoid roommate horror stories

We all need good roommates to survive academic life!

Well-Being & Security Are power naps helpful? We have the answer!

Catch up on some much needed Zzzs

Well-Being & Security 3 productive ways to spend your commute time

Books, podcasts, affirmations and more!

Well-Being & Security 5 wellness products that won't hurt your wallet

We love being bougie on a budget!

Well-Being & Security Why more people are turning towards meditation

Why has meditation's popularity increased?

Well-Being & Security Our top tips for moving out and becoming independent

There's nothing like having your own space

Well-Being & Security *Actually* realistic meal prep tips for your first time living alone

Create a better relationship with food

Well-Being & Security Here's how to finally kick your coffee habit before the fall

Yup, it's possible

Well-Being & Security 6 life lessons that our parents were actually right about

Should've taken notes!

Well-Being & Security 5 breakfasts that take under $5 and under 5 minutes

Morning speedrun.

Well-Being & Security How to get comfortable saying "no" and why it's important

It's gonna be a "no" from me.

Well-Being & Security 6 ways to help you navigate a long-distance friendship

Don't let distance hinder your friendships!

Well-Being & Security Here's how waking up early can improve your mental health

The early bird gets the worm

Well-Being & Security You don't need to "glow up" this summer — here's why

You're beautiful just the way you are!

Well-Being & Security These are the best smartphones for students' needs and budgets

Life essentials: Food, water, smartphone. Phones are expensive these days, and the problem is that we need them to function in everyday life. Whether it be finding out your work…

Well-Being & Security Feel guilty for taking breaks? Read this.

“You have enough. You do enough. You are enough. Relax.”

Well-Being & Security Jay Shetty’s guide to success and finding one’s purpose

“Use your 20’s to experiment”

Well-Being & Security 6 meals you can make with only a microwave

You don't need a bunch of appliances to make good food.

Well-Being & Security Here's an IGNITE solution to 5 student emergencies

We've got your back.

Well-Being & Security 7 celebs who used their education in surprising ways

There's no such thing as useless knowledge.

Well-Being & Security Here's how to stop checking your phone every 5 minutes. No, seriously.

Put the phone down.

Well-Being & Security 15 everyday struggles for people who wear glasses

They help you see, but at what cost?

Well-Being & Security How to study smart based on your learning style

Don't work harder.

Well-Being & Security The impact of IGNITE's COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Fund (so far)

How we're showing YOU the money.

Well-Being & Security Twenty things they really should teach in school

Learning beyond lectures.

Well-Being & Security 8 essential secrets all first-year students should know

If you don't know, now you know.

Well-Being & Security 9 must-know Humber & GH secrets for first-year students

Hidden tips and secrets to rise above the rest.

Well-Being & Security 5 Ways to eat healthy on a student budget

Find out how to balance healthy eating without breaking your budget!

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