Well-Being & Security

Well-Being & Security I followed a spring cleaning checklist and this is how it went

Organization and motivation:

Well-Being & Security Six easy recipes every College student should know

Cooking made easy!

Well-Being & Security Campus hangout spots that make students happy

Which places on campus do you usually hang out? As students, we all have some places on campus that we visit more often. They might not be the most well-known…

Well-Being & Security Women-led initiatives at Humber you didn't know about

“I am a womanphenomenally.Phenomenal womanthat’s me.” Maya Angelou As International Women’s Day approaches, at IGNITE, we found ourselves reflecting on the incredible feats achieved by women from coast to coast…

Well-Being & Security Here's everything I ate for the week

Discover my food diary

Well-Being & Security My experience studying at the Zen Zone for midterms

Banish fear and find your focus. Midterms are stressful at best and terrifying at worst. Let’s admit it, we steel ourselves, gather willpower and resolve to wake up early to…

Well-Being & Security The Art of Loving Yourself on Valentine's Day

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples? It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day – the time when you see couples showing affection with chocolates and pink…

main posts On-campus services you might not know about

Leverage your academic life with these campus resources It’s easy to take on-campus services for granted. The student hustle and bustle often makes us forget about what is offered to…

Well-Being & Security I tried to follow a Bob Ross tutorial and this is how it went

Every day is a good day when you paint Bob Ross I’ve always loved art – from strolling through museums and admiring masterpieces to attempting to create something remotely beautiful…

Well-Being & Security Achieving goals through visualization

Seeing is believing In life, it’s normal to feel nervous sometimes, especially before important events like job interviews and final exams. Being in that situation, we tend to imagine all…

Well-Being & Security Things I did to find zen in a world of chaos

1, 2, 3, breathe

Well-Being & Security How to avoid online scams

Avoid falling prey to fraudsters

Well-Being & Security Uncomfortable places people have taken a nap 

Uncomfortable places people have taken a nap

Well-Being & Security How to nurture your mental health

It’s okay not to be okay. As a student, life in higher education can resemble a wild rollercoaster. Balancing multiple responsibilities, from part-time jobs and coursework to extracurricular activities and…

Well-Being & Security How to reduce homesickness when studying abroad

How to reduce homesickness when studying abroad

Well-Being & Security Here's everything you should add to your desk

Organize your study space

Well-Being & Security Unpacking the IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan updates

We've got you covered

Well-Being & Security 6 easy ways to organize your dorm room

Learn how to declutter the right way.

Well-Being & Security 10 ways to avoid roommate horror stories

We all need good roommates to survive academic life!

Well-Being & Security Cash stuffing: all you need to know

Start saving for your future goals

Well-Being & Security Registration tips that every Humber student should know

Avoid having headaches on registration day

Well-Being & Security 5 must-know after landing in Toronto

Things to do as an international student

Well-Being & Security 5 ways to make memories with friends and family

Returning home this summer?

Well-Being & Security 5 tips for breaking the cycle of bad habits

Use these tips to change up your routine

Well-Being & Security Be aware of your digital footprint

One step at a time

Well-Being & Security Top places to go in and around Toronto this spring

Embrace the season while it lasts

Well-Being & Security Capsule wardrobes: why you need to get one

Let us de-influence you

Well-Being & Security The 4 social cues you need to know

How to understand people better?

Well-Being & Security Best places to study on campus that isn't the library

find your favourite spot on campus here!

Well-Being & Security 6 tips to stay safe on public transit

Amid a wave of increasing crimes

Well-Being & Security Reasons why you should jump on the Afrobeats wave

Expand your playlist

Well-Being & Security 5 reading week travel tips for wherever you go

Time to celebrate ...reading week is almost here!

Well-Being & Security 3 easy ways to earn some tuition money

Sometimes, minimum wage just isn't enough

Well-Being & Security Humber Eco Closet: making sustainable changes on campus

Sustainability starts with education

Well-Being & Security 4 types of disputes the Dispute Resolution Clinic can help you with

Don't avoid resolving your conflicts

Well-Being & Security Are power naps helpful? We have the answer!

Catch up on some much needed Zzzs

Well-Being & Security 3 productive ways to spend your commute time

Books, podcasts, affirmations and more!

Well-Being & Security 5 wellness products that won't hurt your wallet

We love being bougie on a budget!

Well-Being & Security Why more people are turning towards meditation

Why has meditation's popularity increased?

Well-Being & Security Our top tips for moving out and becoming independent

There's nothing like having your own space

Well-Being & Security *Actually* realistic meal prep tips for your first time living alone

Create a better relationship with food

Well-Being & Security Here's how to finally kick your coffee habit before the fall

Yup, it's possible

Well-Being & Security 6 life lessons that our parents were actually right about

Should've taken notes!

Well-Being & Security 5 breakfasts that take under $5 and under 5 minutes

Morning speedrun.

Well-Being & Security How to get comfortable saying "no" and why it's important

It's gonna be a "no" from me.

Well-Being & Security 6 ways to help you navigate a long-distance friendship

Don't let distance hinder your friendships!

Well-Being & Security Here's how waking up early can improve your mental health

The early bird gets the worm

Well-Being & Security You don't need to "glow up" this summer — here's why

You're beautiful just the way you are!

Well-Being & Security These are the best smartphones for students' needs and budgets

Life essentials: Food, water, smartphone. Phones are expensive these days, and the problem is that we need them to function in everyday life. Whether it be finding out your work…

Well-Being & Security Feel guilty for taking breaks? Read this.

“You have enough. You do enough. You are enough. Relax.”

Well-Being & Security Jay Shetty’s guide to success and finding one’s purpose

“Use your 20’s to experiment”

Well-Being & Security 6 meals you can make with only a microwave

You don't need a bunch of appliances to make good food.

Well-Being & Security Here's an IGNITE solution to 5 student emergencies

We've got your back.

Well-Being & Security 7 celebs who used their education in surprising ways

There's no such thing as useless knowledge.

Well-Being & Security Here's how to stop checking your phone every 5 minutes. No, seriously.

Put the phone down.

Well-Being & Security 15 everyday struggles for people who wear glasses

They help you see, but at what cost?

Well-Being & Security How to study smart based on your learning style

Don't work harder.

Well-Being & Security The impact of IGNITE's COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Fund (so far)

How we're showing YOU the money.

Well-Being & Security Twenty things they really should teach in school

Learning beyond lectures.

Well-Being & Security 8 essential secrets all first-year students should know

If you don't know, now you know.

Well-Being & Security 9 must-know Humber & GH secrets for first-year students

Hidden tips and secrets to rise above the rest.

Well-Being & Security 5 Ways to eat healthy on a student budget

Find out how to balance healthy eating without breaking your budget!

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