Breaking free from bad habits is the key to unlocking a student’s academic potential

As a student, it can be easy to go about each week with a routine. And we’re not talking about a good routine. We’re talking about going to bed late, cramming for finals and eating poorly.

Although that might be okay in the short term, these bad habits will catch up with you after a while. That’s why it’s time to make a change in your student routine. Here are five tips for breaking the cycle of bad habits.

Turn your phone off at night

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We have all experienced this. It’s late at night and you’re just about to go to bed, but your phone notification goes off. You check the notification which leads to hours of mindless scrolling on TikTok or Instagram and you don’t end up going to bed till 3:00 a.m.

Here’s what you can do to break the cycle:

  • Buy an alarm clock (we know its “old school”) and shut your phone off before bedtime
  • Get a family member or friend to put protective passwords on the apps you use the most so you have limited access to them
  • Delete social media completely

Study a little bit each day

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Late-night cramming for a test is stressful and challenging. It’s time to opt for a new method. When the new semester starts, take time each day to review your class notes. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. This will really save your future self from late-night cramming.

Meal prep

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It’s incredibly difficult to succeed as a student if you don’t fuel your body. Prepping your meals for the week will help you stay fueled and save you money by not having to purchase food on campus.

Check out these great tips for starting your meal prep journey!

Spend some time outside each day

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Long days at school might mean being inside all day. However, it’s important to get some fresh air, even if it’s for ten minutes each day.

Take breaks outside between classes and studying. And if you’re at Humber’s North campus, take a walk through the beautiful Humber Arboretum.

Keep a calendar

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Let’s stop missing out on meetings, classes and events. Prepare yourself and start keeping a calendar with dates and times to ensure you have your schedule together! You could keep it simple with an online calendar like Google Calendar, or try bullet journaling!

Although breaking a cycle of bad habits seems like a challenge, we believe you can do it! By making these small changes in your life we hope that you will find an improvement in your physical and mental wellbeing.

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