It’s time to ditch the coffee!

Do you find yourself jittering from every coffee you drink? Or are you so reliant on coffee that you can’t stay awake without it?

We get it, being a student is busy and sometimes it seems like coffee is the only thing that can keep you going. But you’re in luck because you don’t have to continue feeling this way.

Here’s how to finally kick your coffee habit before the fall.

Trade out coffee for green tea

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Although there is caffeine in green tea, there’s a lot less than in coffee. Not only is there less caffeine, but there are also many health benefits that come from drinking green tea such as improvement in brain function and the consumption of healthy antioxidants.

Fuel yourself with protein

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Many times, you’ll drink coffee in the afternoon because you need something to get you through the last hours of the day. Instead of filling your lunch with carbs, try to incorporate some strong protein components into your meal to keep your energy going.

Hydrate your body

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Trade in the coffee mug for a water bottle.

Instead of sipping on coffee all day hydrate your body with the healthiest drink of them all…water!

Wake up and work out

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Sometimes the best way to break out of your sleepy morning trance without drinking coffee is to get moving!

By working out first thing in the morning you force your body to wake up and release endorphins to feel energized and help start your day on a positive note.

Get some fresh air

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If a full-on morning workout is too much, take it easy with a simple walk. Try taking 15 minutes out of your morning to sit or walk outside and breathe in the fresh air.

You’d be surprised how much some fresh air can wake you up.

Play music instead

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Listening to upbeat music in the morning can help you get going for the day and help you possibly ditch that morning coffee.

And lucky for you we have a playlist with some of IGNITE’s fave non-lofi beats to get you started!

Get enough sleep

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We know, it sounds simple but truthfully as a student, it can be challenging to get at least eight hours of sleep. Try cutting out other habits (like scrolling on your phone late at night) to squeeze in those extra hours of sleep.

Whatever it may be, taking in these tips can really help with the future of your health and caffeine intake. As much as coffee can be a huge benefit on those days when you just can’t stay up, you don’t want your body to be fully reliant on caffeine. And hey, still like the taste of coffee? There’s always decaf!

Now that the coffee’s out of your system try cooking up these simple gourmet meals!

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